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Lost ring found… Manasquan, NJ!!!

  • from Millburn (New Jersey, United States)
Shout out to John Favano of Ring Finders South Jersey for the lead!
I contacted Keith after John called me and told me Keith had lost his wedding ring and needed help! Keith had taken the day off to celebrate his wife’s birthday by going to the beach for a relaxing day with their dog. When they arrived at the beach, Keith started digging out a hole for his dog so she could lay down in cooler sand. As he was brushing off his hands his ring flew off into the sand. He and his wife searched to no avail. When I arrived, he showed me the 3ft x 3ft area where the ring landed. I started my search and within a few minutes, I had his ring in my scoop!! Happy to reunite another ring and owner!! 🥳😁🥳

Wedding Band lost and found at Lakeshore beach, Sandbanks Ontario

Received a text message from Steve late last Wednesday evening about him loosing his white and yellow gold wedding band at Lakeshore beach in Sandbanks while on vacation. He wasn’t quite sure if he had lost the ring on the beach or while tossing a football with his friends in about 2 1/2 feet of water. After a quick preliminary check around the picnic table they were at, it was time to change into water gear and grab my other metal detector and head into the water as it was nearly dark outside. 20 minutes later or so, found his ring and proceeded to walk back to the picnic table where Steve was anxiously waiting. I mentioned to him that I was tired, as I had spent over 4 hours in the water, searching for another ring prior to arriving for his search but reassured him that I should be able to easily find it for him in the morning. I asked him again what his ring looked like and he mentioned, while looking at my ring, that they were very similar. As he said that, I pulled out his ring, placed it next to mine and said that they do look very similar. His surprise and shock that we were able to find his ring, especially this late in the evening and wavy conditions, was priceless. Another happy recovery.