Lost Wedding Ring - Found in Peters Twp. near Pittsburgh!

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Brian Carpenter – Ring Recovery Specialist, Pittsburgh, PA and Indiana, PA. Lost your ring or other valuable jewelry, cell phone, keys? Metal Detecting Service. Call/Text 814-244-2300 as soon as possible for assistance. I received a call from David that he thought he lost his gold wedding band while working in the yard the day before. I arrived at the house and it was explained that the day before they were cleaning out the garden and there was a small spot in the backyard, a garbage can, and some fabric pots where the ring could most likely be located. I checked the yard area first with no luck. The next likely place was to be the garbage can so I dumped out the can full of tomatoes and plants…no luck! I cleaned up the yard and started to check the fabric pots. I got a faint sound, but enough to make me investigate further. Using my pinpointer I located the ring about halfway down in the pot. David was elated to have his ring back and I was all to happy to be able to have recovered it. As always – it was a great pleasure to meet kind and generous people like David and his wife, and the cherry on top was being able to return his ring!


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