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iPhone 11 lost in the fresh Bangor Maine snow, recovered.

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

As he was out of state on a vacation road trip, I was referred to Julia, by Bill McDougall the more local Ring Finder to see if I could assist in finding her lost phone. She had been sledding at Bangor City Forrest with her boyfriend, when a wipe out caused her iPhone 11 to be buried in the foot or so of snow last Saturday’s blizzard had deposited on the area. Julia had wisely recorded her phones GPS coordinates before the battery died through an interface with her laptop, and had a good starting point to search. The couple had attempted searching by sifting through the snow, at night, after long days of work and Grad school classes, but had been unable to locate the phone. I drove to the site and following my own GPS hiked to the large area they had excavated during their search. Expanding the search  I was able to find the phone about 6-8 feet beyond the perimeter of the excavated area. I plugged the phone into my trucks charger and it quickly came to life with numerous intermittent vibrations for several minutes as a ton of messages and missed calls came rolling in. I guess Julia is quite popular or her cars extended warranty is about to expire any minute now. Regardless she is happy to have her phone back.

Lost iPhone West Orange…. Found

  • from Millburn (New Jersey, United States)

I saw a post in my local community group about a young girl that had lost her iPhone while sledding.  I responded to the post that I would be happy to help find the phone and left my link.  I was excited when I received a call from Anusha, the girl’s mom, requesting my help.  She said they had used the find my phone feature to locate the phone within about a 10-foot radius and offered for me to follow them to the location as there were several sledding hills on the road.  I followed them to the site and they showed me approximately where the phone was pinpointed with the find my phone feature.  I spent about 90 minutes working my way down the hill when I found the phone completely covered by snow!  I was happy to reunite iPhone and owner!

Lost Phone Found Buried in Sawdust Pile – Kerikeri, Northland.

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Lost rings in summer, phones in winter…

Had a call from Greg this evening, asking if I would be able to find his lost cellphone.

Backstory was he’d been working in a firewood yard today shifting logs to be split and last remembered seeing his phone a few hours previously. It was now going straight to answerphone so ringing it was ineffective.
We went through retracing his steps and narrowed it down to a corridor of sawdust and chippings in amongst the logs, maybe 5m wide by 20m long. A 12 tonne digger was sitting on the principle area of interest, so I first scanned the area behind it so he could walk the digger (and it’s enormous metal presence) backwards. As expected in an industrial environment, there were a lot of junk signals messing around in the headphones, with one promising false start that turned out to be a flattened drink can.

Once the digger had been moved, I then started to clear the area where it had been and very quickly picked up a solid ‘phoney’ sort of signal.

Digging down into the sawdust, I gingerly grabbed a very hot, angry and unstable iPhone, crushed by the digger unfortunately and the battery was starting to meltdown, but his precious SIM card was safely recovered – Not to mention averting possible fire issues had the phone ignited later in the evening whilst buried in sawdust…

            Not Rated to 12 Tonnes!



Lost Smartphone in the Ocean .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found with Metal Detector

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


















Tetsuya and his wife Maya are Japanese tourists visiting Newport Beach, CA. While walking on a breakwater he dropped his IPhone on the large rocks and it went into the water. It was high tide at the time of the loss so he asked me if I could help him find the smartphone.

We met at low tide, where Tetsuya was able to point out the general area. Hopefully the phone wasn’t deep inside the rock structure where I couldn’t get my metal detector. There was also the possibility that the receding waves could have pulled the phone down the sloping beach further out into the ocean.

I started my search over a  small patch of exposed sand between two rocks. Right away I got a signal. It was not possible to determine whether it was large or small because I couldn’t swing my coil in the confined space.

The sand was wet and firmly packed but I didn’t want to use my sand scoop for fear of damaging the iphone. I started digging with my hand. About 4 inches deep I felt the corner of the phone. Almost three quarters of the phone was under a rock. Tetsuya was standing next to me  and was surprised when I touched the phone and it was still working after surviving two hours in the salt water.

It was a pleasure to help them find an important item that we all know would be a disaster to lose while vacationing thousands of mile from home. 

Lost Iphone X! Water Works Pond! Anthony Henday South East, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


This morning I received a call from a past client requesting my services to locate an iPhone X which had landed in a pond.

Arman was driving with his friend Tandra along Ellerslie road heading east.   Tandra was on his phone when  suddenly a large bug flew into the cab and when Tundra swatted the bug out of the window, the phone went as well.

Tandra took note of the exact location where the phone landed and they tried to retrieve the phone but the water was about three feet deep and full of weeds.

When I arrived Tundra  showed me the area where the phone had landed and I must say it was a difficult area.  The pond bottom was very muddy and soft and without a metal detector his phone would never of been found.  Tundra was very happy to have his iPhone back.

Another Happy Client