iPhone 11 lost in the fresh Bangor Maine snow, recovered.

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

As he was out of state on a vacation road trip, I was referred to Julia, by Bill McDougall the more local Ring Finder to see if I could assist in finding her lost phone. She had been sledding at Bangor City Forrest with her boyfriend, when a wipe out caused her iPhone 11 to be buried in the foot or so of snow last Saturday’s blizzard had deposited on the area. Julia had wisely recorded her phones GPS coordinates before the battery died through an interface with her laptop, and had a good starting point to search. The couple had attempted searching by sifting through the snow, at night, after long days of work and Grad school classes, but had been unable to locate the phone. I drove to the site and following my own GPS hiked to the large area they had excavated during their search. Expanding the search  I was able to find the phone about 6-8 feet beyond the perimeter of the excavated area. I plugged the phone into my trucks charger and it quickly came to life with numerous intermittent vibrations for several minutes as a ton of messages and missed calls came rolling in. I guess Julia is quite popular or her cars extended warranty is about to expire any minute now. Regardless she is happy to have her phone back.

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  1. Bill Mcdougall says:

    I knew you would find it. Great job and congratulations

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