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Lost Gold Ring .. Santa Monica, CA. .. Found under Sunbather’s Blanket

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

I was given a phone number of a lady named Daní by a metal detectorist in Santa Monica. The story was, this lady had dropped her ring in the sand and before she realized her loss, a family had set up there beach towels and umbrellas in the exact spot. There were words and the family was unwilling to move. The police became involved and the family said they would move when I arrived with the metal detector.
The beaches were all packed and parking was not easy. Actually the police did give me a temporary parking permit which was a bonus. Daní told me how she had set her custom made ring on the edge of her towel. She moved over about 30 ft. to get a better view of the water.
After a short time she realized what she had done. This is one of two matching rings that were custom made for Daní and her sister. They were made from their mother’s jewelry and her mother had past away just 9 months ago. Very sentimental and irreplaceable for sure.
Well, I’m not sure what happened, but the people that had set up over where the ring was lost, changed there mind about moving. In fact they said they would find the ring and keep it. The language was getting very foul and some of the other beach goers had words with the police.
Solution.. I tried to explain to the people how emotions get out of control sometimes when people lose heirlooms. They were very upset and not willing to move. I told the two police officers, that I was willing move down the beach and wait for the people to leave. I didn’t have any reason I couldn’t wait till dark, if I had to. The officers agreed that they would also leave.
I moved to the other side of the lifeguard tower while Daní and her friend got me a cup of coffee. It was less than an hour before the irate people left the beach. Daní ran over to claim the spot. I took two passes with my detector and there the ring was under about 4″ of sand. Exactly where the family had been laying.. I often say each search is unique. This was definitely one that would be hard to duplicate.. It takes more than a metal detector to have a successful search. I love this service.


Engagement Proposal Gone Wrong .. Ring Lost in Surf .. Huntington Dogbeach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

imageimage                   Matt and Tiffany were walking the beach at low tide watching the sunset. Matt had intentions of proposing to Tiffany by presenting her with a engagement ring. It is a very flat beach and they were well away from the waterline. Matt came up with an idea to put the ring under a shell, so when Tiffany picked it up, she would find the ring. Even though they were away from the waterline, a small surging wave came up washing over the shell and the ring. The ring immediately disappeared. As soon as the sand gets saturated it is actually like quick sand, the ring sinks out of sight. Most times it doesn’t go very deep at least for the first few days. They spent a couple hours searching frantically as the tide was coming in and darkness overtook them. After returning home, Matt went online to research buying or renting a metal detector. That is where he found locating my contact information. We met for a few minutes the next day at the next low tide. After hearing a detailed story and checking the past tides, I set up my grid pattern.. Matt was very positive about the location of the loss. My concern was the size of the setting may help the waves move the ring great distances. After 4 hours with no success I had to abandon the search till the next low tide.. The next afternoon I started 3 hours before low tide working an area south of the yesterday’s search. Then reworking the original location finding very few targets. Exhausted with the tide coming in, I was making plans for the next day’s search. My plan was to return with my Excalibur detector and search waist deep at the next low tide. It was dark, so just before leaving I went 100 yards. north swinging randomly. That’s when I got the sweet sound of gold.. Five or six inches down I scooped the beautiful white gold diamond ring.. I sent a photo of the ring in my hand to Matt in a text.. He said he almost dropped his phone when he saw the picture. We met the next morning at Starbucks. Tiffany and Matt came together . I had put the ring in a jewelers ring box with a sea shell. I gave it to Matt and he gave it to Tiffany.. This was the first time she had seen the ring other than a photo.. What a beautiful day, I will never forget.. Thanks to Matt and Tiffany for sharing the special moment with them.. I love my service.. Ring Lost Thurs. 10-27-15  — Ring Found Sat. 10-30-15   —  Using Minelab CTX3030 metal detector imageimage