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Ring lost at Colgate University, Hamilton NY, FOUND

  • from Syracuse (New York, United States)

It’s mid October and my phone rings. On the other end is Sylvia, It seem as her daughter has lost her high school class ring at Colgate University in Hamilton NY. After some discussion we decide to have her daughter (Kate) call me to set up a date when I could search for her ring. Kate was quite busy as it’s mid term and there is lots going on, but we finally agree that Friday Oct 22 would be the best time to meet. Beside Kate’s mother and father would be there as it was “parents week end”. In the mean time Kate and myself communicate and I find out that Kate lost the ring at night as she and a few other classmates were running around the Rugby Field at Colgate. Kate send me a “screen shot” of the field A rugby field is quite large but Kate was sure that she on what side of the field she was when she lost her ring but she was not quite sure it was lost on the field or along side of the field. It could have been a very large search area, so I requested that Penny Shutts, another member of “The Ring Finders” to accompany me. Kate could not meet us until 4 pm but we met with Kate’s parents @ 3:30, set up our equipment and started searching some of the area just off the field. When Kate arrived I questioned her some more and got a better idea of the area. Kate’s parents had brought along with them some of Kate’s belonging and they asked me how long I would search for Kate’s ring and I stated until we find it. They and Kate hung around for a while and shortly decided to go back to Kate’s room and deliver the belongings and then return. The “ring gods” must have been watching as before they could get off the field I got the lovely lower tone of a ring, I bent over with me “pin pointer” and sure enogh there burred in the grass was Kate’s ring. I left the ring buried, called Kate and her parents over, and had them actually “recover” the ring. The video shows the wonderful smile of Kate and her parents

Orange County member of “The Ring Finders” recovers lost items, Rings, Jewelery, Cell Phones, Keys-ready to help on Beach or Land.

  • from Orange (California, United States)


Long time Metal Detectorist helping to find lost rings and jewelry on beaches, sand, parks, lakes, and wherever you have lost things, in and around Orange County, CA.

Searching for lost items is a hobby of mine and I have found hundreds of rings and other valuables on the Beach in the sand and water, and in parks, lakes, event sites, soccer fields, baseball fields etc.

Please contact me if you have lost something in the areas near these cities, Orange, Villa Park, Buena Park, Anaheim, Tustin, Riverside, Redlands, Santa Ana, San Bernardino, Corona, and Norco or near these areas, and I will assist.

I have several detectors and the skills to use them to help find your item before someone else does!

Please find my information on the “The Ring Finders” site or via email:

I look forward to helping you find that lost ring or heirloom.

George Hicks


Lost Wedding Ring or Jewlery, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, Delaware and Ocean City, Maryland

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

Hi, My name is Alan I joined the Ring Finders to help people find their lost jewelry. If you have lost something and need it found contact me ASAP. I look forward to helping you find what you thought was lost forever.