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Local lady lost her mother’s Wedding ring and called me to find it. Strange location…..

  • from Orange (California, United States)

I got a call this evening from Linda, and she said she had lost her mother’s wedding ring and found me online on so called. I asked the usual question, where and when did you lose the ring? She said yesterday in her house!  I thought, ok, no way this is going to be where I can help, she just needs to keep looking and I offered helpful suggestions like re-trace your steps etc. and she said no, I know where I lost it, I just can’t find it!  She said it is in my closet! After more discussion, she was certain she needed my help, so I said I would come help her, and grabbed my AT-Pro, a powerful light, and my niece, Karlie, who was kind enough to hold the light.  for me and went along for the ride as an adventure!
The closet was a very small walk-in closet full of clothes hanging on all three sides, and Linda said she had her two rings in her hand when she was searching through the clothes, but then noticed she only had one of them. She searched and searched, tearing everything out of the closet but no luck.

I collapsed my AT-Pro shaft down as far as it would go and went in searching. It was dinging like crazy due to all the other metal in there, and even turning the sensitivity down all the way didn’t help, so I asked her what it was made of and she said white gold, so I knew I was looking for around a 50 VDI and could ignore the others. I started poking and brushing the coil IN MY HAND against all the clothes and got signals for every metal button, but narrowed it down to a 51 reading in a bunch of sweaters, then taking each one by the sleeve, I found it in the cuff of a green sweater!

I popped it onto my finger then stepped out the door and asked her if it had any special shape or anything, and she said it was heart shaped, so I said “kind of like this?” and she screamed and hugged me for what seemed like 5 minutes and jumped for joy. Her husband said I made her very happy.

This was the first time I used my detector to find something in a closet, but chalk it up to a Found and Returned for a very appreciative lady who is now reunited with her mother’s diamond and white gold ring!  Karlie and I were thrilled to be a part of it and I even rewarded her for helping me also!

Orange County member of “The Ring Finders” recovers lost items, Rings, Jewelery, Cell Phones, Keys-ready to help on Beach or Land.

  • from Orange (California, United States)


Long time Metal Detectorist helping to find lost rings and jewelry on beaches, sand, parks, lakes, and wherever you have lost things, in and around Orange County, CA.

Searching for lost items is a hobby of mine and I have found hundreds of rings and other valuables on the Beach in the sand and water, and in parks, lakes, event sites, soccer fields, baseball fields etc.

Please contact me if you have lost something in the areas near these cities, Orange, Villa Park, Buena Park, Anaheim, Tustin, Riverside, Redlands, Santa Ana, San Bernardino, Corona, and Norco or near these areas, and I will assist.

I have several detectors and the skills to use them to help find your item before someone else does!

Please find my information on the “The Ring Finders” site or via email:

I look forward to helping you find that lost ring or heirloom.

George Hicks