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Lost Rings… in Corona, CA Found and Returned

  • from Corona (California, United States)

On Saturday, December 7, 2019, I received a text message from Joseph L. from Corona saying he was in need of my service. Joseph said that three rings were lost in the area of a vegetated slope next to the house across the street from his… (1) woman’s and (2) men’s rings. This occurred one week ago. Because it was supposed to start raining heavily anytime, I made arrangements to meet with him the next day. Sunday morning I contacted Joseph who told me that last week he and his wife had been arguing. In anger, his wife took off her ring, so he took his two rings off, grabbed hers and headed to the front door. Joseph went out onto the front porch and threw all three rings across the street in the direction of a large slope area. He said he heard one ring make a thud noise, so knew his heavy ring had hit the dirt on the slope. He said he hadn’t heard his wifes ring and the other ring he believes he heard hit the pavement or sidewalk. He directed me to the left side area of the slope, believing they were on that side.

I unloaded my gear from my car, which was parked at the other end of the slope, and noticed a small shiny oblong object in the street. As it didn’t appear to be a ring due to it’s shape (maybe a pop top), I disregarded it as Joseph felt sure they were at the other end of the slope and I would look closer at it later.

After obtaining permission to search the slope from the other property owner, I began searching. After about one hour, I wasn’t getting any signals other than bottlecaps (I learned kids used to hang out at night along there and drink). Joseph had come back outside and I told him I wasn’t having any luck, but wanted to look at that oblong object in the street by my car before he left. As we walked over to it I bent down and pulled it up from the asphalt. I immediately then saw small diamonds in a row and Joseph said that it was his wife’s ring. Unfortunately, it appeared it had been run over maybe several times.

Now that we were on the other end of the slope, I focused my search there. Rather quickly, I got a signal and located his Tungsten ring  (pictured). After a continued search of that area, I was unable to locate the third ring.

Although his other ring had not been located, Joseph was very happy to have the two back, and a little embarrased.  As he said, “Lessons learned by mistakes made”. I later learned he “upsized” a new ring for his wife and all were happy!


Orange County member of “The Ring Finders” recovers lost items, Rings, Jewelery, Cell Phones, Keys-ready to help on Beach or Land.

  • from Orange (California, United States)


Long time Metal Detectorist helping to find lost rings and jewelry on beaches, sand, parks, lakes, and wherever you have lost things, in and around Orange County, CA.

Searching for lost items is a hobby of mine and I have found hundreds of rings and other valuables on the Beach in the sand and water, and in parks, lakes, event sites, soccer fields, baseball fields etc.

Please contact me if you have lost something in the areas near these cities, Orange, Villa Park, Buena Park, Anaheim, Tustin, Riverside, Redlands, Santa Ana, San Bernardino, Corona, and Norco or near these areas, and I will assist.

I have several detectors and the skills to use them to help find your item before someone else does!

Please find my information on the “The Ring Finders” site or via email:

I look forward to helping you find that lost ring or heirloom.

George Hicks