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Clean-up of Replacement Roof Trash From Yard

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

8/13/18 My neighbors Bob and Karen had their roof replaced, and I offered to clean their yard. I especially wanted to protect their dog, Dillon, who had already gotten into veterinary trouble eating a coin. Compared to other yard clean-ups I’ve done in the past, this one was quite clean. However, I did find one of the square cap roofing nails (foreground of picture) sitting straight up sitting on a tree root. I’m glad I could remove it before someone stepped on it.

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Wasaga Beach, Ontario~Platinum wedding ring returned from the waters 150′ from shore

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

2017-08-25 – Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Received a call from Rob G who lost his ring playing rugby in the waters of Wasaga Beach.

Rob & his wife Kerah took visiting Friends from England to Wasaga’s Beach #3 (pet friendly area) for a full day with the dog’s. Rob was in the water 150′ from shore playing water Rugby and off flew his wedding band. Rob’s English friends mentioned that in the UK there are metal detectorists that help with people losing items and decided to try and search Google. “The Ring Finders” site came up on his search and found my information.

I took Rob’s information and decided to head up and start searching. Unfortunately I didn’t have any luck the first day out. The following day Kerah met me at the beach and had a better location. It took about an hour and surprised Kerah when I came back into shore for some water. She was totally amazed I could find her husbands wedding band that far out from shore.

YEAH….another donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation’s Snow Run Feb 2/3/4, 2018!!

Here’s a link to the video!!

Rob’s platinum wedding band

Happy wife Kerah!


Lost Ring Located At Cedar Creek Park In Kelowna.

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)


It was a late summer evening at Cedar Creek Park in Kelowna. Dee and her husband were out walking the dog down by the lake, Dee was engaged with her dog by throwing a ball into the lake, she was shocked when along with the ball into the water went her large silver and turquoise ring.

Both she and her husband spent hours searching the knee deep water for the ring, unfortunately the beach was rocky, the lake was wavy, with shadows on the rocks. The ring had fallen between the rocks and was difficult to see, Dee googled for help, and got me on Ring Finders. I responded the next day with my metal detector to assist them in their search. I knew the ring would not be hard to find, Dee was sure of the location, she saw it flying, she said it was a girly throw, and it can`t sink into the rocks.

After finding foil, bottle caps and pull tabs the ring was located which delighted Dee who called me her hero. She was so enthralled with the metal detecting hobby, that she purchased a metal detector from my company for her husband.




Metal Detecting Abbotsford Park for Lost Gold Wedding Band

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Yesterday afternoon I received a call to help find a man’s wedding band that he lost at a park in Abbotsford.

Dave was at the park throwing a ball for his dog and trying to get the ball out of the dogs month and suddenly realized that his ring was gone.

He called his wife to tell her the bad news and right away she searched on the internet and found my service. We talked for a while and she told me that her husband was still searching for the ring. I said I’d be happy to take a look if he didn’t find, later that night she called and asked if I’d come out.

Abbotsford is a little over 1 hour drive each way and we were to meet at 7:30 am to search for his ring. When I met Dave he showed me the area he was standing and showed me the direction he was throwing the ball, my first thought was this is going to be a long search!

He had to go to school so he headed off and I started my grid search of the area he was standing in while he was throwing the ball. Within minutes I found his ring! Crazy how that works, sometimes it only takes minutes and other times it can take hours.

I love my job!

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You can watch the video of this discovery on the post below.

He told me that it really bothered him when he lost his wedding band, he spent 5 hours searching for it in the grass, the only thing was he wasn’t sure when it came off his finger…