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The third time is the charm – ring found at Yarmouth, MA beach

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

My caller ID showed a deceased neighbors name. I had to answer as I thought it was his son and it was. Peter, the caller, was calling, but why? As it turned out he did not realized he had called me but rather just some one that could help find his lost wedding band. Yes King Neptune had grabbed another ring.

This one I was determined not to let it stay in Davy Jones’s locker for long. The first 4 hour search was a bust, I went the wrong way from the grassy point. The next day my, three hour search, I made sure I was in the correct place and right where I made a mark in the sand and some 50 feet from shore up pops a wedding band. I left the beach, went home without stopping for a coffee and called Peter. Dang if it was NOT his ring, I should have looked with a loop to carefully read the inscription. The next day was gale winds blowing which gave me time to rethink the past two hunts. I re-read my notes, checked the tide heights again did some simple calculations and formatted a plan for my next day’s search. The third hunt would cover an area that would have been at waist deep, the depth the ring was lost in. Again lines were drawn in the sand to guide my search. They were not used as in my first pass between the lines I found ring Peter’s ring. I was retrieved in the water directly in front of the center line I had drawn in my eighth hour of searching.

The next morning Peter showed up at my house, with his sons for the ring return and pictures. I have to believe Peter’s father was looking over both of us during the loss and retrieval. Why else?

Cape Cod beach holds wedding band for 5 months

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

When it is meant to be it will happen.

A call for help finding a unique wedding band came in and I went, not once but several times with no success in finding it. August, September, October, and November came and went with no sign of the ring. I was feeling that some other detectorist may have found it, With so many visiting detectorist to Cape Cod there is no way I could ever hope to hear or read of the majority of items found.

My detecting partner of 4 years took off this summer to plant his roots in Florida. Why? To get away from the cold winters and enjoy the warmer waters. Why else? Most of his family still resides in New England and I was to enjoy his company on occasion when he would come north for the holidays and family visits. Such as the case was in December. Of course we were to get some detecting time in and to look for a lost ring. Three hours and about time to leave the cold water, Dick dug his last signal for the year…it was to be Jonathan’s ring that had survived the onslaught of detectorists and my effort to locate it.

Five days later Jon showed up on my doorstep for his ring and to pose for a photo. Jon was sporting a “replacement non-precious” metal ring that he plans to wear it on all future beach adventure, leaving his special band home in a safe place. I could not have asked for a better way to end one year and start the next. Sometimes a good thing just takes a while to come together for a Happy New Year!Jon1320 JonRing1318