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Bristol Beach, Famouth, MA Ring Lost, Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

When Danielle googled “how to find a ring in ocean” the search returned a blog from the ring finders (it was the first search result)! Then a search for Ring Finders Falmouth led her to my past blogs and contact information.

I received a call from Danielle with a tale of loosing a ring her dad given her 10 years ago. “I look up to and care deeply for my father and I also sentimental feelings in that the ring reminds me of home (where I’m from, in New Jersey).”

The ring was the second ring she had lost, the first was lost in an almost identical situation 10 years ago (playing football in the water at the beach). She vowed to never wear a ring again when doing that, and was pretty good for a number of years before she slipped up. This time the sea was at high tide and the waves were one footers. But I knew the beach and thought I could find it, if Danielle lost the ring where she thought it came off her finger.

I showed up and was getting ready for the search when Danielle and her friend Kelly showed up to point out the area. The help was instrumental in my finding of the ring. I had only minutes before the tide reached its peak height. I started to search as far out as I could go and worked my way toward the shore. I did not hear a signal until my 5th pass when I heard it – the sound that I was sure was the ring – and it was.

I did not remove the ring from my scoop, I left that to Danielle. It added just a bit more to the ordeal that I am sure will be remembered for some time to come.

Bristol Beach, Falmouth, Massachusetts: A Lost Ring Found by Ring Finder

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Melissa, with great hope in finding her husband’s wedding ring she had dropped in the fluffy sand, took a local lifeguard’s advice to call “Rick, he is amazing at finding lost rings.” The lifeguard remembered me when I had help find another lost ring. All was great for me to go and follow Melissa’s description of where on the beach she was when the ring was dropped.

This was the second time for Ezequiel losing a ring. His first wedding band was lost in the water and never found. Ezequiel promised not to wear the replacement ring into the water. Keeping his promise he took the ring off and gave it to Melissa. Now they both had a bad moment with this wedding band on a beach.

I arrived a few minutes before Melissa and Ezequiel arrived at the beach. I went straight to the area that was described to me. A few words with the lifeguard that remembered me and my search began. It was not but less than a minute and I had the ring in my scoop. Again an amazingly quick recovery. Next I had to find the owner. In the parking lot there they were, waiting for me.

I was told the ring would never see a beach again. It will be left in a safe place when the family with smiles frolic in the summertime sandy adventures and return home with the same smiles.