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Engagement Ring Lost Then Returned at Bahia Beach, Ruskin, Florida

Melissa decided to that the kids to Bahia Beach to get them out before it got too hot. As she was packing things up to leave for lunch she went to the water edge to rinse off some beach toys. After packing all their things away she notice that her engagement ring was missing from her finger. She went through the beach bags, clothing and towels but the ring was not there. She began searching the sand but not luck finding the ring. She called her husband to break the bad news. He immediately got on the computer and found Theringfinders. Tom Jones called Melissa who was still at the beach and arranged to meet her there.

Tom arrived and started hunting the water area where Melissa said she washed off the toys which would be the most likely spot to lose the ring. After 20 minutes hunting and no ring, Tom started searching the dry sand from where her beach chair was down to the water. After two passes Tom looked over to Melissa and said, “Wow! You weren’t kidding when you said it was a nice big ring. At that time she ran over and broke out in tears of joy and said, “You don’t know how much this ring means to me.” She then gave Tom a big hug.

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