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Wedding ring found in ditch – Aurora, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Recently I was contacted by Melissa. One night while in a heated debate with her husband her wedding ring found its way out of the car window. After a few hours cooler heads prevailed and the search for Melissa’s ring was on. They searched the site, which was marked by a field driveway, several times without luck.

I made arrangements to meet the couple and discussed what had occurred the night of the loss. After a quick re-enactment of the events that lead to the rings loss,  in which a “test ring” was thrown from the vehicle, my search began. Because of quality equipment, which includes a good set of headphones, I was only slightly hindered by the noise of the traffic on the road just feet away. However, with the Air National Guard taking off in their fighter jets just a short distance away and hitting their after-burners while directly overhead, I decided to take a short break. After about an hour of searching the ring was recovered not more than 6 paces from the location where our “test ring” had landed.

 Ring recovered: June 4, 2010