Wedding band lost while putting away Christmas decorations, found with metal detector.

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

I received an email from Rob on a Tuesday stating he lost his wedding band while taking down his  Christmas decorations. He was devastated as the ring was his grandfathers who had passed away a couple months before Rob was born. Robs mother had given the ring to Rob when he proposed to his wife. The ring was the only item and memory he had of his grandfather. We had to wait until Saturday before I was available to search. I arrived on a very cold and windy Saturday morning and began searching the front yard as well as under the bushes in the flower beds. I searched for two hours without luck.

Rob came over to me as I was still searching and told me to give up as I had searched the entire yard twice. I told him, if it’s in this yard, I’ll find it. Just as I said that, I simultaneously began to move my detector and got a good hit as well as I saw something shiny in the grass. There was the ring sticking out from under a leaf. We could not believe we were standing over the ring and about to give up when I found it. His wife ran over to us and began to cry with excitement. I love being able to reunite lost jewelry to its owners.

Don’t wait or hesitate to call me at 610-207-8677, so I can find your lost treasure with my metal detecting service.


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  1. Curtis Cox says:

    Gotta know if or when to throw in the towel.. Excellent work Tracey. 👍. I often find a ring right when the client completely loses hope…Usually they show up with very little hope though.. :(. Optimistic Detectorist’s swing more & recover more.

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