Heirloom and engagement ring lost and found.

Received a phone call from a young lady last evening about having lost her engagement ring. This ring was very special as the diamond was a heirloom given to her fiancé, for him to have the ring especially made for her. She mentioned that she took her dog for a walk to the park and that she was also doing yard work in the back yard. The grass rack broke and she was picking up grass clippings with her hands. With that said, I was pretty sure the ring would be located in her yard. After 45 minutes of gridding the yard, I found the ring. It was so well disguised, in the grass, that there is no way anyone could of found it just by looking. I’m so happy I was able to reunite her with her beautiful ring. Her reaction in the video is priceless. All that ends well!!


3 Replies to “Heirloom and engagement ring lost and found.”

  1. Griff says:

    Great response to successful hunt

    1. Stephane Coutu says:

      Thank you 😊

  2. Kiara says:

    Stephane was amazing!

    The moment I realized I lost my ring was sheer panic, it has such a sentimental value that it’s completely irreplaceable. That morning I had been doing yard work and working in the grass with my hands. After hours of tearing apart the house and searching high and low with my family, I knew if it was anywhere it had to be in the backyard. We’d spent a few hours looking ourselves but couldn’t find the ring in the lawn. My fiance found Stephane’s website and I contacted him immediately. He answered right away, offered numerous suggestions about where to look for it and just genuinely cared that I found it. He was extremely reasonable and didn’t make me feel crazy for being as upset as I was at having lost it.

    Within the hour he’d found the ring! A million THANK YOUs to Stephane! (I’ve since purchased a ring sizer to hold it snug on my finger).

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