Lost Diamond rings found in Coe Hill

Got a phone call to go look for a couple rings that a lady had lost a couple days ago while swimming at a camp ground near Bancroft. After 4 1/2 hours of swinging the coil, and drinking tons of water to beat off the heat, I found them both about 3 feet appart in knee deep water. One happy lady and now, they can relax and enjoy the rest of their family vacation 🙂. Big thanks goes to Steve Zazulyk for putting me onto this call. You know anyone who has lost jewelry, on land or in water (down to 100 feet, Scuba), send me a PM. I cover anywhere between Kingston, Bancroft and Cobourg (including Prince Edward County). Life is good 😊

2 Replies to “Lost Diamond rings found in Coe Hill”

  1. Sharla Wiseman says:

    Thank you Stephane for finding my engagement and ring and wedding band!

    I am a very sentimental person so these rings mean alot to me. I was not very optimistic about finding them but I did not want to give up trying. When Stephane assured me that he would keep looking as long as it would take I felt so hopeful and I appreciated that he would take all the time and patience needed. I am thrilled to have them back.

    The only thing I regret is not finding Stephane sooner. That way I wouldn’t have wasted 2 days (and $$$ on a metal detector) trying to search myself, and not being able to fully enjoy those days of our vacation with my family.Thankfully they were found and we got to enjoy the rest of our time.

    1. Hey Sharla,

      You are so welcome and I’m so glad I was able to find them for you. Perseverance and knowledge paid off 🙂


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