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Irvine, CA. Lost Diamond Wedding Ring Recoverd

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Thursday , Jan.10 at about 4:30pm, I recieved a call from Daisy telling me she had lost a diamond wedding ring. She had lost it the week before while playing with friends on a grass slope. They had spent several days searching for the ring with no suceess. I was able to meet her and her husband about an hour and 30 minutes later and it was already dark. I felt it was important to have them show me the location and explain what she was doing when she lost it. After meeting them and seeing the area (100 x 75 ft.) I thought I would try a couple hours. Daisy and Wonjoon offered to hold the flashlight and my coffee. It was a very trashy site with lots of pulltabs, bottle caps and other metallic items which made it a difficult seach. After about 2 hours we eyeballed the ring just before my dectector coil passed over it.  “They were so happy and so was I”  It is so rewarding to be able to help locate misplaced (not lost) valuables.

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Crystal Cove State Beach, Gold Wedding Band recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Dear Stan, 

   We are so grateful to you for finding our father’s lost wedding band in the sand at Crystal Cove State Park this afternoon.  The is a great resource.  Through the site we found you, and that you were able to come to us within the hour was truly fantastic.  Then, when you found the ring within five minutes, we were so relieved.  Thank you again.  I hope the rest of your day was as successful!       RICHARD
      Thursday, 12-28-12 .. I received a call from Richard asking me if I could help his father find a gold wedding band that he had just lost.  His father was at Crystal Cove State Beach and it slipped off his finger in the dry sand. I told him, I could be there in about an hour and if they were able to wait for me it would be an easy search. I also told them not to disturb the sand as this can cause the ring to go deeper than the detector’s capabilities.  After arriving they were able to show me the area and the ring was found within a couple minutes. Then came the Big smiles and thank you.   This is so much fun to help people.

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Mission Beach, CA. Wedding Ring Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

I was just walking off the beach after a few hours of detecting at Mission Beach. A lifeguard drove up to me asking if I could help this lady find her wedding ring. She totally doubted that it could be found, but my detector loves gold and it was only a few minutes and She had it back on her finger where it belongs.


  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Hi,  My name is Stan Ross.

I am a member of The Ring Finders. I have been metal detecting sense 1970 and have found many nice pieces of jewelry that I wish I could have returned to the person who had lost it. Being a member of The Ring Finders has given me the opportunity to help people find valuables that they believed were lost forever. This is my hobby, it is not a business for me.  I can search So. Calif. from  LA. county to San Diego Co. I will travel anywhere with prior arrangements.  I hope I have the pleasure to help you find your valuable that you think has been lost forever..

Newport Beach, Gucci Wallet Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

I found this Gucci wallet under 4 inches of wet sand at low tide. IMG_1603 IMG_1637

 I was able to get the name and address from the ID in the wallet. mailed the contents to the owner.  She contacted me and I was able to return the wallet. It was nice to see how happy she was to get back the wallet that was a graduation gift from her mother.