Lost Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring at Beach .. San Clemente, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)













Payton and his wife, Madeline were at a local beach in San Clemente, CA. Madeline forgot to leave her rings at home, so she put the three rings in the zippered pocket of her beach chair.

As they were leaving Madeline remembered her rings when they were about 30 feet from where they had been sitting on the sand. She went to get her rings out of the pocket that was partially closed. Only two of the rings were there. The smallest gold ring had somehow fallen out. After not being able to find it in the sand they returned home not far from the beach.

Payton got on the internet and contacted me using TheRingFinders directory. I met him on the road above the beach entrance. When we walked to the beach, a lady walking towards us, ran up to me yelling RingFinder man. She gave me a big hug and told her friends that I had found her wedding ring a few months ago. I know it surprised Payton, he didn’t know me and wasn’t quite sure if my metal detector could find his wife’s small gold ring. 

When we got to the area of the loss there was two other people sitting there. I choose not to ask them to move but asked them if I could swing my detector close to them. Boom! within a few inches of the lady’s feet I got a nice tone from my detector and I dug the small gold ring as Payton watched. 

Another successful recovery and Payton immediately took a photo sent it to Madeline. We had only been on the beach a short time but the walk back to our cars was much more enjoyable than going to the location of the loss. It was a pleasure to help them find a ring that had so much sentimental meaning to both Madeline and Payton.