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Lost Wedding Ring Throwing Football .. Malibu, CA. .. Found in Sand

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James and his family were camping at Leo Carillo State Beach in Malibu, CA. During the morning they went from the campgrounds to the beach about a quarter mile from their campsite.

James asked his father to hold on to his wedding ring when he went swimming in the ocean. While James was swimming his father was up on the dry sand throwing a football. He didn’t feel the ring come off but he was sure he had it on before throwing the football and it wasn’t on his finger when he finished.

The area was probably as large as a basketball ball court. I was sure that our chances of finding the Tungsten Carbide ring were good. It would just take some time. I set up my detector and decided to go down the center of the field and spiraling outward. 

After a short time I got a nice solid tone and dug James’s ring from the sand. James was surprised as most everyone in his family had said the ring is gone. They all believed it was impossible to find it in the mass of sand.

Once I gave the ring to James it was hard for him to give it back to me so I could take a photo for this blog story. This is the kind of reaction I get from people when something special has been found that they thought was lost forever. It was worth the long drive on a busy beach day to help James recover his special wedding band.


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