Lost Unique Silver Wedding Ring in the Sand .. Seal Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned to Owner

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)















Josh called me asking help finding his Silver Wedding Ring. He had lost in the sand at Seal Beach, CA. He wasn’t quite sure of where the ring fell out of his beach chair cupholder. Josh had walked 100 yards across the sand before remembering his ring. When he checked the beach chair the ring was not there.

He found me on TheRingFinders website and called. When I talked to Josh, I only asked two questions, was it in dry sand and could he meet me there in a half hour?

Josh was a little nervous that the ring had fallen out on the long walk across the sand. Lately,  I’ve noticed that the rings seem to fall out of the chair just after they pick up the chair. One more time we were lucky to find the ring within the first three 20 ft. of grid passes. I like finding silver, there is a definite high tone in my earphones which is different from gold and aluminum pull tabs.

I took photos of Josh and his unique David Yurman silver ring. It was another great reunion of a special ring with its owner.

I left my home, met Josh on the beach, found the ring and was back home in less than two hours. ( 15 miles each way) I can’t believe it. I love doing this. Josh was very grateful for how we put this search together with the help of the internet and TheRingFinders website.