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This young wife/mom was just devastated that she had left her rings on the zero turn mower and forgot to go back and get them.

Hubby went out to mow and well you can guess where they ended up! Yup, you guessed it, in the yard!

I drove 3.5 hrs, hunted for 6 hours for these priceless items! After spending about 4 hours in areas we thought they might have fallen off I decided to take two steps back and review the still frames again. I must have missed a key element or factor! I tried my best to follow his path from where he started to where he came up on the driveway to go mow the small side of the yard.They just had to have fallen off before that. Most ring recoveries is a lot of detective work and trying to figure out where is the mostly likely spot they could be!

After regrouping and deciding to go back to the beginning, I finally get a hit and I see one of the silver rings! Stand up get another hit and there is the engagement ring!

Two down and two to go! About 30 mins later I hit the 2nd silver ring! 3 out of 4 ain’t bad, but I don’t quit or give up easily! About another 30 mins go by and I finally find the last ring which turned out to be the wedding band and the 1st ring that had been lost!

I love this hobby and and love nothing more than to put a smile back on and individuals face when you walk up with what they thought was lost forever!

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Ring count for 2024: 14 (7 recoveries)
GOLD – 4 (4 – recoveries)
SILVER – 7 (2 – recoveries)
COBALT – 1 (recovery)
JUNK – 1



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