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This was my #11th gold ring (12th – 1 silver – overall) recovery/returned for the year!

Got a call a day after Mother’s Day.

This lady had lost her mothers ring on Mother’s Day while kayaking with her grandson.

She was enjoying the weather and spending time with her grandson when they suddenly hit some fast moving water and it took them into some downed tree branches. Shen she hit she flipped over and while trying to pop back up and ensure her grandson was safe, she felt this priceless family heirloom slip off into the fast moving water! She just knew it was gone forever. She turned to the internet in search for help. By doing so she found me, 2.5 hours away, and reached out in hopes that I could help her out.

It wasn’t until May 17th before we could connect and plan an attempt to recover this ring out of the fast moving water.

I got up and drove the 2.5 hour journey in hopes it would be a successful trip….

This is what happened… I get there at about 10:30 am, we walked the 400 yards to get to the rivers edge. There was a 10-15 foot embankment we had to gingerly ease down to the water. Once down then I had to walk up current in freezing cold 3 foot, fast moving water with my detector and a scoop while climbing over logs in the river against the current.

I finally get to the spot and quickly realized, I can’t use the scoop with all the gravel and current. I placed it into the downed tree and kept scanning. About 30 mins later I get a 14-15 VDI on the MX SPORT and I knew that was her ring, problem was I couldn’t get to it. It was under a down branch and the water was moving too fast.

I had to clean up the area and make a way to the spot, use goggles to peer in the water and hopefully see it laying there. BOOM, I could see it and was able to reach down and grab it!

I showed the lady and hooked it on my D-ring for safe keeping while we made it back to the bank to climb back up the 10-15 foot embankment. Once up top we were able to cheer and celebrate the successful recovery!


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  1. Linda Ryan/Wills says:

    All hope was lost. I realized how lucky my grandson and I were to be safe life is so Important. But Shawn gave me a special part of my life back. Every time I look at this ring I dream of seeing my mother again. I love you Shawn, and forever grateful

    1. Awe! Glad I could reunite a piece of your mother back to you.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Crazy adventure! Way to go, so happy you were able to find it for her…What a beautiful ring!

    1. Shawn Sherrill says:

      Thanks man!

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