Michael Van Tassell, Author at The Ring Finders

Lost Gold Ring Found in Ogden, Utah

Last night after putting my kids to bed, I saw a text from Brad explaining that his wife was doing some work in the yard and lost her ring. I quickly gave Brad a call and after he explained what happened, decided to make the 1 hour drive up to Ogden to help. I arrived around 9:40pm, set up my grid and within two passes, found the missing gold ring. Carol Ann was so happy and shocked that I found it so quickly. Apparently, they had been searching for a few hours. One thing I love about returning lost items is getting to know the people that call me. Brad and Carol Ann have been together for over 40 years and it was a pleasure working with them to find her lost ring!

If you would like to witness the recovery in action, here is the YouTube link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP6-LY7t7K4

Lost Apple 13 Pro iphone Found and Returned After Month in the Lake- Bluffdale, Utah

While diving for a lost ring in a lake, I came across an iphone 13 pro that had been buried in the mud. I wasn’t sure if it would still work so I took it home and dried it out. After sometime, I plugged it in and sure enough, it started to charge up. I researched all the different ways of how I could find the owner of a lost iphone but after almost a month search and exhausting all methods of retrieving the owner’s information, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get it back to the owner. After talking to Chris Turner from the ringfinders, he mentioned another way of getting to the phone number on the phone which I am happy to report worked!!! I got the owner’s phone number and sent him a text. Hayden responded with disbelief when I texted him. Fortunately, Hayden lived close to me and I was able to meet him the next day and returned his phone. He mentioned that he had only had the phone for a short period of time before losing it in the lake and didn’t have insurance on it. He had already purchased the exact same phone so hopefully having the old phone back will give him a way of recuperating some of his cost. Hayden was so excited and even more impressed that I would spend so much time trying to return it. From when Hayden lost it, to when I found it in the lake, it had been in there for over a month!!! Glad it was still in working condition!

Lost Ring from Guatemala Found in Lehi, Utah

I received a call from my longtime childhood friend regarding his son and a ring he had just purchased while on a humanitarian trip to Guatemala. The whole family spent a week doing service project in villages and cities across Guatemala! What an experience!!! His oldest boy purchased a ring from a local shop to remember his special experience but shortly after returning to Utah, He lost it while having a water balloon fight in the backyard. Owen was devastated about losing the ring and I wanted to make sure to get it back to him. It took about 15 minutes to find the ring after gridding off the area in question. I think his smile tells the story of how excited he was to see his ring again!

If you would like to see the recovery, please check out my YouTube Channel- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X08D7sXryF8

Lost .7 Carat Diamond Earring in Park City, Utah- Found

I was in Texas all last week visiting family when I received a text message concerning a lost .7 carat diamond stud earring in Park City. Kirsten had went out to do some yard work and was cutting some low hanging branches when one of those branches struck her on the side of the head. She didn’t think much of it at the time but when she returned to the house, she found the backing to one of her diamond stud earrings in her clothes. She quickly realized that she had lost her earring and that’s when she reached out to me to come help. She had been piling up all the branches in one spot so when I got to the location, I first started to detect around where the branch hit her and then proceeded to follow the path to the pile of branches. Diamond stud earrings are very hard to find with a detector cause there’s just not a lot of metal to work with. I made some adjustments on the detector and as I made my way to the pile of branches, was very focused on small faint signals in the the tall grass. The grass was up over my knees so it was a truly a needle in the haystack type of scenario. I moved the pile of branches thinking that if the earring came out, there would be a good chance it fell to the ground when she was bending over to pile the branches up. Sure enough, my theory was correct and only after about a 30 minute search, I found the earring! Thanks Kirsten for reaching out and very happy I was able to help!


Lost Wedding Ring Near Kamas Utah- Found After Over a Year in the Creek!

I saw post on FB about a lost ring that happened over a year ago. Alisha and her husband had been up in the mountains when she had barely took her ring off and it dropped out of her hand and rolled off the bridge into the water. I had been talking to her for a couple months waiting for the spring runoff in the mountains to get up to the location where she had lost it. Saturday turned out to be the right day to go as the water in the creek had finally got back to normal levels. She told me it fell into the water on the east side of the bridge. The water was extremely cold and the current was strong! It was probably only 3-4 feet deep in that area but the slippery rocks and the current made it difficult. I started right in the area of where she explained she lost it and after several signals that included fishing weights, spinners, aluminum cans, and even a can of fishing bait, I got a clean 12-13 on the metal detector and after a couple handfuls of gravel, the ring appeared in my hand! The ring had not traveled very far from where it was dropped but it had spent over a year in the bottom of the creek!!! I called Alisha as soon as I got down from the mountain and she was so excited to hear the good news! She talked about how often she thought about the ring as she works for the forest service and would pass by the bridge. She was confident that one day she would see it again. Goes to show that things that are lost are not always lost forever!

Lost Wedding Ring at Utah Lake- Found

Monday I got a call from Taija who had just lost her wedding ring over the weekend at Utah lake. The weather was very nice over the weekend but we had a big storm roll through and it had dropped the temperature into the 40’s on Monday. I headed down to meet Taija at the marina in Lindon and walk the areas where she had been. She took off her ring before getting out of the car and then proceeded down to the water’s edge. After taking a dip in the lake, she returned to the car and that is when she realized the ring was missing. I started to search where she had left her clothes on the bank of the lake. Lot’s of lead sinkers and trash everywhere!!! To make the search even more difficult, the lake shore was nothing but rocks with plenty of cracks where the ring could hide. After about 2 hours, I circled back to where she had took her shorts off and noticed a firepit that had been covered up with some rocks. Since I was unable to get down into the cracks, I started moving rocks around and that’s when I got the signal. I looked down and laying in the firepit was the beautiful white gold ring with several diamonds. Taija had told me that they were celebrating their 10 year anniversary this summer and was planning on upgrading the ring. With the cold wind and rain, she had headed back to her house so after getting back to the car, I gave her a call to tell her the good news!  Needless to say she was very happy to get the phone call and I was very happy to be out of the cold wind. I drove straight to her house where I was able to return the ring! All in all it was a tough search but happy I was able to find it! Congrats on your 10 year anniversary Taija!

Lost Engagement Ring in Salt Lake City- Found

This recovery was  tough one! I received two text messages from Todd at 2am and at 4am one morning as he was desperate to find his fiancé’s engagement ring. He had searched pretty much all night when he finally reached out to me. Todd had taken the ring to get it cleaned and upon returning to his apartment complex, dropped the ring box and the ring came out on the sidewalk. He bent down to pick up the ring and as he was standing back up, heard a loud noise which startled him. As he reacted to the loud noise, he threw up his hands and the ring went flying down a steep hill covered with juniper bushes. When I arrived, we experimented with a penny and had him repeat exactly what he did the night before. He had also tried this a couple of times and it seemed that all the coins landed in a similar area. I first tried all the open spaces where I could get my coil to the ground but no luck. I proceeded to use my hand-held probe to try to get into the base of the bushes. It was a dirty job and one that resulted in several scratches up and down my arms. After about 2 hours, I started to peel back the branches of one of the bushes when I spotted something shiny! I quickly turned to Todd and asked him what is that? He bent down and pulled out his fiancé’s engagement ring. What a beautiful white gold ring with a blue/green amethyst!  The stress and anxiety Todd was feeling was quickly replaced with a big smile as he pulled the ring from the bush. Congrats Todd on your engagement!

Lost Engagement Ring in Cedar Hills- Found

Received a call from Janae after a couple days of searching for her engagement ring. She was working in the yard and took her ring off and when she went to put it back on, she realized it was missing from her pocket. She searched all over the yard, pulled all the soil and trash from the garbage, checked the garage, and even rented a metal detector to help locate it but unfortunately could not seem to locate the ring. I got to Janae’s house that evening and after running through all the possible areas she could have lost it, I started to grid off the front yard where she was walking back and forth to the house from where she was working. I had made just a couple passes when I got a surface signal and immediately spotted the ring in the grass. The ring was about 5 feet outside the area she was walking which often times is the case. Fortunately only took me about 7 minutes to locate it. I went to the door and presented the ring to Janae and she was overwhelmed with emotion! So happy I was able to recover this beautiful platinum ring with diamonds to Janae!

Lost Wedding Ring in Cedar City: Found

Had another thrilling ring recovery this week! Most of the calls I get from theringfinders.com directory are up and down the Wasatch front here in Utah but this week’s call came in from Cedar City which is about 3 hours south.

Hayden reached out to me after a couple days of searching for this wife’s engagement ring. Jennifer had left the house to take an evening walk and as she rounded the corner, she felt and heard her ring fly off her finger. Fortunately, she was able to find her wedding band in the street just about 15 feet from where she felt the ring come off her finger. Her engagement ring was a white gold with a halo setting of diamonds. Hayden first went out and bought a metal detector but it was difficult to use. After talking with Hayden, my schedule worked out that I could head down that  day and look for the ring. I got in car around 1:30pm and got to Hayden’s house a little after 4pm with about an hour left of light. We made a few passes along the curb of the road but quickly realized we were too far down the road from where Jennifer had found her other ring. Once Jennifer described where she was, I was able to backtrack up the street and within just a few minutes, I found the ring which had jumped the curb and landed into the tall grass. When I pulled the ring from the grass, Hayden and Jennifer were so excited. Like most engagement rings, this one was very special to them and finding it before they were set to move from the house was causing a lot of stress and anxiety.

After a few smiles and hugs, we went to take some pics for this page and that’s when we had a little plot twist! Jennifer went to hand me the ring so I could get a close up and since it was so cold and the wind was blowing really hard, the ring fell out of her hand onto the street again. Only this time, it landed right in front of us but we quickly noticed that the center diamond was missing!!! Just after a few minutes of finding the ring, we were back looking for the diamond on the street. Jennifer had mentioned the prong on the setting was damaged and needed to be fixed. After about a ten minute search, Jennifer spotted the diamond and all peace and joy was restored lol. I truly believe it was a blessing that the diamond came out then vs sometime in the future where it would have been virtually impossible to find.

So after 3 hour drive down to Cedar City, followed by a 45 minute search, Hayden and Jennifer had their ring back with the lost diamond. I think the great thing about this whole experience is meeting some amazing people and hearing their stories. I got home a little after 8pm that night right before the snow started to fall. Everything just worked out perfectly and so happy Hayden and Jennifer reached out!

Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Midway: Found

What an adventure! As I was crawling into bed last night, I received a text regarding a lost engagement ring in Midway, Utah at the very popular Ice Castle. Jason found my page while searching for a metal detector to rent and quickly reached out. His good friends (Rachel and Lance) had just got engaged a few hours before while they were here visiting from Florida. The newly engaged couple along with Jason and his wife Lindsey decided to go to the Ice Castle to get some fun pictures and celebrate the engagement. Nearing the end of their time at the Ice Castle, Rachel realized that her brand new diamond engagement ring was missing from her finger. The ring was a beautiful diamond ring with a platinum band. They tried looking for it for a couple hours and at one point had several other people using their flashlights on their phones to comb the area. I can’t imagine the range of emotions going through their minds as they were scheduled to leave the next day (Today) for home. To go from proposing to losing the ring had to be tough!

After talking with Jason, I gathered my gear and made the 40 minute drive to Midway. I arrived around 10:30pm, talked with Rachel and Lance about where they had been. Fortunately the pictures they took helped as those where the moments Rachel took her gloves off to take pictures throughout the night. I started detecting the area as the maintenance crew was setting up. After about 30 minutes, I came across a signal just barely outside the search area. Lance was the only one with me at the time so as I pulled the ring from the snow, he quickly grabbed it and ran back to where Rachel was searching. He dropped to one knee for the 2nd time that day and presented Rachel once again with the ring asking her to marry him! As you can tell by their smiles, it was an awesome way to end the night! Congrats to Rachel and Lance on the engagement & big thanks to Jason for reaching out!