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Lost Titanium Wedding Ring Found- Salem, Utah

I received a call from a man who was working construction near Salem, Utah. They were putting in a large underground pipe system and his hands got dirty so he went to wash them off. While he was doing that, he put his beautiful titanium ring with turquois inlay in his vest pocket. After returning to work, he realized he never put his ring back on and upon checking his pocket, it was gone. They searched the area with a metal detector and for a last resort he reached out to me for help. They were about to fill in that section of the pipe system so I knew I had very little time.

When I arrived, the recent warm weather turned the area into a very muddy construction site. I searched all over the area he thought it could be and then I went down into the area that they dug out. I cleared some trash from the area to ensure I could get all the signals. Fortunately, right next to the valve where he was working, I found his beautiful ring. His wife had joined him that day and they had just barely returned from getting food when I was able to surprise both of them with the ring. Check out their reactions on my YouTube Channel!