Ring Lost In Lake In Pryor Oklahoma Found

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Received a call from Frankie Monday 6-15-20 about his wife’s wedding ring. He had said she lost in the lake in bout four foot of water I said ok we’ll find it. Got there as quick as I could. Took a 15 minute boat ride to a very quite cove. I said ok tell me again wat happened. I listened to what she said nothing changed from her story before. No luck Monday so decided to try again Wednesday after work so decided to take a half day of work. Jamie (frankies wife) said she brought her own scoop. Yup this is what she brought wait don’t laugh. When we got back to the spot Wednesday and I started looking again in an expanded area. Two hours in the search still nothing I said I can’t believe we haven’t found your ring Jamie. I’m not kidding about an hour later guess what she found with her scoop she brought from home yes (using my extra equipment) – she found her own ring. I thought no way she was in a completely different area. I said how kool I’m glad you found it. That made it more special to her. Thanks Jamie and Frankie for getting ahold of me when you did. .

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  1. Frankie Jacobson says:

    Thanks for coming out as soon as you could when you where called and taking time for go for boat ride to look for my wife’s wedding ring on Monday. I know day one was not a successful day but you where determined to find it for her..so you took time off from work Wednesday and returned to start the search again, she found it after hours of looking but still learning from you what to do and allowing us to use your extra equipment to double the seach which lead up to her finding her wedding ring..Thank You so much and I know my wife thanks you even more..awesome work and determination 👏

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