Ring lost at Ski Beach Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Joe was enjoying his visit to Ski Beach on Mission Bay, at least until he lost his platinum wedding ring. He had gone down the the water’s edge to rinse his hands. when he returned back to the fire ring area where they were camped, he shook his hands to remove the water, when his ring flew off. He and others tried in vain to find the ring in the dry sand, but, no luck doing that. I met Joe there the next morning and after a few bottle caps that were reading 13-15, I got an 11 reading on my Equinox that proved to be his ring. A happy Joe is now able to get that ring resized and continue it’s story. Nice to meet you Joe and thank you for the reward.

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  1. Joe O'Loughlin says:


    Thanks so much!

    We were crawling around for hours on our hands and knees trying to find my wedding ring, sifting and sorting for hours, with no luck. I was feeling close to defeat, already calculating the cost of a new ring, when one of the ladies at our bonfire, Tatyana, told me about TheRingFinders.com, about how they had helped her friend find her lost ring at a San Diego Beach.

    It’s great to know there are good folks out there who enjoy helping strangers.

    Joe O., San Diego

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