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  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

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Recent Discovery, the new White’s Bullseye TRX Pinpointer.

As I favor Minelab products, I am going on my 6th and 7th Minelab pinpointer pro. (all under warranty) I am not sure if it’s the Texas heat, humidy, or moisture while occasionally operating in some damp enviroments, but failures have plagued my pinpointers. 

I was getting ready to send both back on warranty issues, and did not want to be without a pinpointer. A quick Google search, and I discovered White’s had jus released the new Bullseye TRX.  
























Although, I have not field tested the new TRX, I am really liking the sensitivity, as well as the lanyard attachments on both the pointer and carrier.

The build seems solid, and if it runs trouble free, it might be my new go to product for pinpointers.


John Volek



2 Replies to “Metal Detecting Equipment”

  1. John, they are brand new. I have read some of the comments on the “White’s” blog page on this pointer. Sorry you have had so many problems. I had a White’s bullseye pointer but found them woefully inadequate. I have been using Garretts pro pointer (one returned on warranty)and have been satisfied with it. Since I am primarily a white’s customer (3 whites detectors) I will probably go with a new white’s pointer when I need a new one (assuming all goes well with the new pointer). Hope you do well with the new pointer.

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    I’ve been using a Uniprobe pin pointer system for about a year now with no issues. I like it because you can use it with just about any detector with a headphone jack and the sound goes through the headphones only. That makes it nice when detecting with other people around so you don’t attract attention. With fresh batteries, you can get about 5″ of depth with it too! The only real drawbacks I see is: the price ($315.00), and they aren’t as comfortable as some headphones I’ve used. Not bad, but just not the best. They also don’t have a low battery warning. It continues to work even with a low battery but the depth suffers and it starts to squawk a bit. I guess that’s the warning signs!

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