Platinum Ring Recovery

  • from St. Louis (Missouri, United States)

I was contacted on 6/4/204 to find a lost Platinum Ring. Here’s her story


Last week – on the way out of town (literally the family was in the car) – I decided I needed to water my plants on the patio. A decision I’d come to regret. The cicada game was fierce and I was watering with my right hand and swatting them away with my left. And then, I felt my wedding ring fly off my finger. But I didn’t see where it went – and didn’t hear it hit the patio and land. I was sure it was in one of the four bushes there – but with a few minutes of checking we gave up and decided we’d look upon our return Sunday.

Well, after a several hour Sunday search and three bushes dismantled branch by branch – we gave up and decided to get professional help.

I contacted Jeremy Conrad Roth from The Ring Finders and he said he could be out within a day. 🥳

Then, to add more fun variables to a horrible situation – the lawn care came while I was away and mowed the lawn where the ring could’ve been even though I contacted them and canceled. 😡😭

But, the next day – after a few hours of completely selfless work on Jeremy’s part (and after I started to lose hope a little) Jeremy did not give up and went in for another check of the original suspect bush and saved the day!! HE FOUND MY RING!!!

I may have to plant some new bushes by the patio – but I have my ring back!! If you ever need help finding a lost item – call him!

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