Men's platinum wedding band reunited with owner in chicago, IL

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)


The ring was lost while cleaning out the back of his SUV. He had just transported a grill and it had some residue in the back that he was sweeping out with his hand. I searched the area that he told me that the ring had landed in. He said that he saw it bounce off the grill and it landed in a very specific area. Two and a half hours later, having gridded the area numerous times, NOTHING! I even hunted in all metal. Dug lots of junk.
I basically was giving up and walked over to tell him. The ring was sitting right on the surface in a completely different area!

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3 Replies to “Men’s platinum wedding band reunited with owner in chicago, IL”

  1. B&W Photo ? Interesting. Similar to the story .. Lost & Found. Short and to the point, right!?

  2. The first time I read the blog and looked at the photo, it was different… Did you alter the photo and story? Good find…

  3. Stan Ross says:

    Congratulations on the recovery! Every search is a challenge. Recently I’ve been running into people that were positive that they lost their ring in a certain location and they were wrong. One person told me that she lost her ring playing volley ball. I searched the area thoroughly. I suggested that she should check other places she had been and look through her car. She called me a week later telling me it was in the glove compartment of her car. Another nice lady told me her expensive ring came off her finger when a wave hit her when she was swimming at the beach. I search the next two low tides with no success. I did find 4 other junk rings. She emailed me a few days later thanking me and telling me she had found it in her jewelry box at home. We can only find it if it is lost where they say it is…

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