Platinum Wedding Ring found and returned in Lake Shore Park Chicago

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Received an email from a young man who lost his Platinum wedding band last Thursday while playing softball in the Lake Shore Park, behind the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Chicago. He had never taken it off in nine years. His weight loss, combined with his enthusiastic softball playing, resulted in the loss on his ring. He had conducted a search himself with his new Ace 150, which he had just purchased from Windy City Metal Detectors in Chicago. He was unsuccessful in his endeavor.

Next step: contact a RING FINDER!

At 6:00 AM I met him at the ball field. He had been playing right-field, but didn’t know if he had lost it while Batting or walking around. The outfield was all lush grass as you can see in the backgound . After 2 hours of searching I located his ring. His comment: “thats just about where I was standing” He has been converted to  a metal detectorist! His wife who had been a little skeptic of finding it, was delighted also.


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