Lost Wedding Ring Simi Valley Park found

I got a call from Michael last night asking if I could help him find his ring. He had been out helping his daughters cross country team running around Rancho Santa Susana park in Simi Valley on Thursday night and came home without his platinum wedding ring. I met him this morning at 8am and we began the search. He thought it could be in one of three areas, the 300 yard strip of wood chips, the hill across the street or in a grassy area they stretched at. I cleared the wood chip area in a little under 2 hours with my minelab equinox and eliminated it as a ring place and we moved to the grass area. I began to grid the area but was unsure if we would get it here as they had mowed the lawn yesterday and rings and lawnmowers don’t mix. I had literally cleared the entire area except for one last spot and I got the double beep and a solid 13 on the VDI I was looking for, took out the propointer and there it was, we got a bingo! #lostringsimi #ringfoundranchosantasusana #minelabequinox #foundweddingringsimivalley

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