Lost Ring, Pensacola Beach - FOUND!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

I got a call from a gentleman named Don that said he had received my card from the front desk of Margaritaville on Pensacola Beach. I was excited to hear that they gave him a card because I had dropped some off several months ago and it was great to hear that they were saving them in case someone needed me. Well Don definitely needed me!  He had dropped his wedding ring somewhere out in front of the Hotel while staying here in Pensacola Beach. To make matters worse it was his solid Platinum band given to him by his wife to commemorate their 20 year anniversary and he didn’t know whether he lost it in the water or in the sand. Luckily for him, I have detectors that work equally well in both spots. I’d love to tell you amazing stories about finding it but the fact is that once I walked Don through where he was and what he was doing, it was a no brainer to start in an area on the sand. Sure enough, in about 5 minutes I told him that I had a tone that didn’t sound right but it was safer to dig them all. When I pulled it up, he was expecting to see trash when he looked in the scoop. I love watching someone’s face when the realization hits them that their precious ring has actually been found. Don high-fived me and immediately called his wife with the good news. He thanked me about 100 times and I can honestly say that I was thrilled to be able to help.  👍 

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  1. Don Rast says:

    Dave most definitely came through! I was in such a state of heartbreak just knowing that my anniversary ring was gone, and within an hour, Dave was at Margaritaville pulling up the ring from the beach. Not only did he save my trip, but I gained a great friend as well. Dave is pretty awesome! Great guy and extremely knowledgeable about his love and passion of reuniting precious items to their loved ones! I really can’t say enough about how Dave made my day. I was thrilled to have come across Dave!

    And I emphasized to the staff at the resort about what I class gentlemen that had available in Dave, too!

    Words just cannot express my deep gratitude for Dave! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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