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Gold medal found by Theringfinder member


A few weeks ago I was detecting on my favorite beach – Barra da Tijuca, on my favorite spot – Praia do Pepê, when a couple approached and asked me if I could help them find a gold medal they had lost a few minutes before. They told me they were tourists from the capital, Brasilia, were enjoying their visit to Rio a lot but the loss of that medal was a real drawback.

He said he had lifted his wife in the air but in the process her hand got tangled in his necklace and it snaped, sending his gold chain and medal flying through the air. They found the chain but not the medal.

As they had a good idea where it had landed, it did not take me long to find it. When I picked it from the scoop (after seeing bottle caps, pull tabs, coins and even a small metal toy  car be pulled out of it) they got elated to say the least.  Being responsible for that big smile and that strong hug is priceless.

I love my hobby.

Wedding band lost in volleyball sand court


Almost in the end of winter here in Rio de Janeiro, I received a call from Leo. He had lost his wedding band playing volleyball on a sand court.

When I got there I was met by him and his adorable wife who were really upset about the loss.

He told me he was pretty sure he had lost it on the side of the court we were standing. Actually he could swear he had seen it  flying from his finger. I spent about an hour searching that side of it and found from rusted nails to a small religious silver medal, but no ring.

Going to the other side of it, swinging my coil randomly to start, within minutes I had his wedding band inside my scoop. The couple  was more than happy to have it back. Afterwards the told me they really did not believe it could ever be found.

Another happy ending for a happy couple.

Gold band on volleyball sand court


About the end of last summer here in Rio de Janeiro I got a call from a man who had lost his heavy gold wedding band while playing volleyball on the sand court in the condo where he lives.

When I got there he told me when he hit the ball he saw the band fly from his finger and land a few steps in front of him in the direction of the net.  He had spent at least two hours looking for it with  a couple of friends with no result.  I told him I understood but I would  start the search behind the place he said he was standing when he lost it.  On my very first swing I got a solid signal but I thought It was a big coin but actually it was his wedding band.  He got really excited about it because, as he told me, he didn’t really believe  he would have his band back. The interesting thing about this search though is that that was the first time I was using my brand new Tesoro Sand Shark metal detector and on its  first swing  it found gold.

Gold wedding band lost and found at Barra da Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro


Last Sunday I got a call from Leandro, a desperate gentleman who lost his thick and heavy gold wedding band at the beach. It was about 6.0 P.M. and he was still there and wanted me to search for his band at night. He lost it while shaking hands with a friend. They looked for it for a long time but did not manage to find it. I told him he did not need to worry because as he had not found it, nobody would, so it could wait until the next day. We arranged to meet at the beach early on Monday. I arrived there first and saw a big square he had drawn on the sand the day before. I started searching it as soon as I got on the sand. Well…. It was not quick because while searching for the band, he ended up getting it deeper. A couple of hours later on a grid search, I got a faint signal. I dug and ….bingo……….there it was….a beautiful gold wedding band.
Leandro was elated and later told me that he actually did not believe I would find it. Inside the band there are two coordinates: one, of the point where the couple first met, and the second, of the place where they got married. Afterwards I got a picture of him for the book of smiles and another one of the band. Although it is winter here, it was a very beautiful sunny day with temperature at 30 degrees C or about 86 degrees F.


Diamond Head Stainless Steel Beach Scoop as prize from Nuttall Enterprises and TRF


I was lucky enough to be online when Chris Turner launched the TRF contest with a Diamond Head stainless steel beach scoop from Nuttall Enterprises as prize. I immediately started searching for the quote and it didn’t take me long to find it because I had recently listened to his interview to that radio station.
So, I want to thank Chris and the guys from Nuttall for the excellent, high quality scoop that I now have.
Good hunt to all
Augusto Vincenzo The Ring Finder Rio de Janeiro 10178426_10203570106763869_793435541_n

Wedding band found at Barra da Tijuca Beach – Rio de Janeiro


Last Monday as soon as I got to Barra da Tijuca beach in the afternoon to do some treasure hunt, a lady approached me and asked  if that was a metal detector  I was swinging around. ……Let me remind you that here in Brazil this Hobby is not  popular at all, actually,  very few people really know what I am doing and what those sticks in my hands really are.  Sometimes it gets really funny. People come up to me and ask what I am doing. After I tell them they say they thought I was a blind man with a high tech cane, others say they thought I was a biologist looking for microorganisms for research, others just laugh discreetly totally unaware of what is going on. Ok, it was Carnival time here in Brazil so most of the people were either traveling or curing their hangover at home, so the beach was not that crowded at that time. So, I told her what I was doing and she asked me if I could look for her gold wedding band that she had lost about an hour before after she applied sun lotion on her arms and hands. Although she had searched in the sand for a long time, along with her husband and some friends, she couldn’t find it.   She put me in a small area and it didn’t take me more than five minutes to find her band, though not before finding three coins, two halves and a quarter Reais. Needless to say she was speechless and overjoyed . All the folks that were with her  cheered a lot. After all the hugs and handshakes, her husband gave me a reward and took some pictures for me. Patrícia is a very kind person and wrote me a very nice email a few days later. Among other things she said that nothing happens by chance…..that everything has a purpose. I am very glad I was responsible to put together  a treasured wedding band and its owner again.

“Business Card”


I just wanted to share with the folks here at Ringfinders the “business cards” I’ve ordered. They are made of good quality paper card, which gives them a good presentation. I distribute them at beachfront hotels, lifeguard stands, beach kiosks and the people that always approach me to ask what I’m doing when I’m metal detecting at the beach.
You can see the front of it in Portuguese and English with “TheRingFinders” website details and on the back part of it, a text in Portuguese.”
Augusto (TheRingFinders in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Gold wedding band found on beach in Rio de Janeiro


Last Christmas Eve was a very sunny and hot Friday. I had been metal detecting in my
favorite beach, Barra da Tijuca, for about three hours, with no luck, just the usual abundance of bottle caps, pull tabs, and some coins, when a guy came up to me and asked whether I was metal detecting. I said yes and he asked me if I could do him a big favor and try to find the wedding band he had just lost in dry sand near the place where we were. I said it would be a pleasure to find it. There, he told me he was playing volleyball with his family and upon hitting the ball, he felt his band fly through the air but he could not see exactly where it landed. Everybody, including his wife, three kids and even his mother in law had searched the ring for about an hour when he saw me and could not believe I had a metal detector.
I started searching on the spot he told me it had landed. After about fifteen minutes of search in the area where they “thought” it was. (they did not really think I would find it….his wife told me they had dug the area so much, the ring would probably be too deep to be found. And I said that if the coil went over it, I would find it).
I then did a grid search and………bingo…..on my third marking of the grid. Needless to say they got very excited and could not believe I had the guy`s band in my scoop.
His wife told me it was like winning the lottery because they had never seen someone metal detecting and just when her husband loses his ring a man with a metal detector shows up and recovers what they already considered lost forever. They gave me a reward, which I had not asked, and everybody was very happy.

The man with the metal detector from Brazil


I live within a 40 minute ride from the beaches of Leme, Copacabana, Arpoador, Ipanema and Leblon, which are all on the same shoreline.  The beaches of Barra da Tijuca, Recreio, Pontal, Prainha and Grumari are to the opposite side from where I live  and a little bit closer.

I have always lived close to the beach. I have 2 passions which are Surfing and Metal Detecting. I have been surfing since 1974 and metal detecting for at least a year and it has immediately become an addiction.  I have been metal detecting mostly between the beaches of Barra and Recreio where it usually gets less crowded.

The interesting thing is that the Hobby of metal detecting here in Rio de Janeiro is absolutely non existent. Most of the people do not know what a metal detector is. It is kind of funny people approaching and asking: “Sorry to bother you but……. Can you tell me what you are doing? Are you looking for something?”

On Monday, Carnival time, I went on a RING SEARCH.  A guy called me just after lunch and he wanted details about my ring search service. Well, everything settled, I met him at LEBLON beach…… is a very famous beach that comes just after Copacabana and Ipanema……about 40 minutes drive from where I live. When I got there and met him he told me he could not pinpoint the exact location and he showed me what he thought his ring could be. I’d say it was a ten meter square piece of sand.  However, it is summer here and the beach was VERY crowded, and I thought to myself: Wow…. That’s gonna be tough……very hot sun, lots of people around…. After  searching for about an hour, the guy was already tired of watching me searching………..found all the usual trash, including lots of coins…not bad…. and he was ready to give up the search. I told him to have more patience and went on……..suddenly I found a very beautiful wedding band……white gold….big and beautiful. I asked him: Is this your band? His reaction was indescribable………he didn’t know what to do to show how grateful he was…..It was  pure pleasure to see his joy. We had settled for R$60,00 and he gave me R$90,00. He said I made him  and his wife VERY happy that day.

The interesting thing about that particular search is how people are willing to help. I mean, most of the people around the place where I was searching offered to move towels, chairs, umbrellas,  etc. so I could pass the metal detector where they were. Really nice and warm folks.

I would also like to say that I am very happy to take part in Chris Turner’s team of Ring Finders . I love my job!

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