Gold wedding band lost and found at Barra da Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro


Last Sunday I got a call from Leandro, a desperate gentleman who lost his thick and heavy gold wedding band at the beach. It was about 6.0 P.M. and he was still there and wanted me to search for his band at night. He lost it while shaking hands with a friend. They looked for it for a long time but did not manage to find it. I told him he did not need to worry because as he had not found it, nobody would, so it could wait until the next day. We arranged to meet at the beach early on Monday. I arrived there first and saw a big square he had drawn on the sand the day before. I started searching it as soon as I got on the sand. Well…. It was not quick because while searching for the band, he ended up getting it deeper. A couple of hours later on a grid search, I got a faint signal. I dug and ….bingo……….there it was….a beautiful gold wedding band.
Leandro was elated and later told me that he actually did not believe I would find it. Inside the band there are two coordinates: one, of the point where the couple first met, and the second, of the place where they got married. Afterwards I got a picture of him for the book of smiles and another one of the band. Although it is winter here, it was a very beautiful sunny day with temperature at 30 degrees C or about 86 degrees F.


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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Fantastic! Great recovery Augusto! Glad you worked it and found that deep signal as it turns into a big smile!!

  2. Thanks Chris……the smile was also mine!!!!

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