Wedding band lost in sand court in Rio de Janeiro


A few days ago I was contacted by a young man who had lost his wedding band, that had belonged to his grandfather, at a volleyball sand court near Barra da Tijuca, here in Rio de Janeiro.

He had lost it a couple days before and was very upset because he had tried to find it with the help of some friends but to no avail.

First thing I asked him was if the bottom of the court had any kind of metal structure. A few hours later he told me someone assured him it did not. Everything settled, I got there and as soon as I started swinging my Tesoro Sand Shark, it beeped everywhere. In other words…. there was a kind of rebar structure under the sand. It was a pain in the neck to search in such condition, however, after about forty minutes I managed to find his wedding band.

By the way, it was still summer and the sand temperature was really hot, about 60°C or 140°F. I was wearing flipflops and when sand got between my feet and the flipflops, it really burned. But the exhilaration for having the lost item back is always rewarding and priceless.

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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Muito bom Augusto! E joya vendo voce ainda ajudando genti em Brazil! Faz tempo que vi voce aqui and mandamos abracos para todos. Pasei tempo em seu grande pais como jovem quando meus parentes eram missioneiros no estado do Amazonas. Fique firmi e boa sorte !

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