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Earrings and a six pack found at the beach


Pair of earrings lost and found in Rio de Janeiro (and a six pack as well)

Last Sunday, on a very hot winter afternoon, I was metal detecting at my favorite beach – Barra da Tijuca – I was about to call it a day, when I noticed three people searching for something on dry sand with bare hands. They shyly looked at me but none said anything. So, I asked them if what they had lost was made of metal. One of the girls said it was a pair of gold earrings she had recently received as a gift from her fiancé. It did not take me more than five minutes to find her earrings because she had seen them fly away from the pocket of her shorts when she took them off. She had put the earrings there to “not run the risk of losing them”. They were amazed for having the jewel back so fast and very happy for her . One more picture to the “book of smiles”.

What happened a little farther on, a few minutes later was very unusual. I was still detecting on dry sand but close to where the waves wash the sand, a young couple came up to me and said that earlier a freak shorebreak had overrun everything and everybody who was in that particular strip of beach and in the process, they had lost a six pack of beer. They thought it should be somewhere behind them because they hadn’t seen it rolling in the direction of the sea. Although I thought it was just a joke, after a few swings, I did find it under the sand a few meters where they thought it should be but not exactly behind them. The group they were with cheered in appreciation. Their joy was so contagious I simply forgot to take any picture.

Gold wedding band found on beach in Rio de Janeiro


Last Christmas Eve was a very sunny and hot Friday. I had been metal detecting in my
favorite beach, Barra da Tijuca, for about three hours, with no luck, just the usual abundance of bottle caps, pull tabs, and some coins, when a guy came up to me and asked whether I was metal detecting. I said yes and he asked me if I could do him a big favor and try to find the wedding band he had just lost in dry sand near the place where we were. I said it would be a pleasure to find it. There, he told me he was playing volleyball with his family and upon hitting the ball, he felt his band fly through the air but he could not see exactly where it landed. Everybody, including his wife, three kids and even his mother in law had searched the ring for about an hour when he saw me and could not believe I had a metal detector.
I started searching on the spot he told me it had landed. After about fifteen minutes of search in the area where they “thought” it was. (they did not really think I would find it….his wife told me they had dug the area so much, the ring would probably be too deep to be found. And I said that if the coil went over it, I would find it).
I then did a grid search and………bingo…..on my third marking of the grid. Needless to say they got very excited and could not believe I had the guy`s band in my scoop.
His wife told me it was like winning the lottery because they had never seen someone metal detecting and just when her husband loses his ring a man with a metal detector shows up and recovers what they already considered lost forever. They gave me a reward, which I had not asked, and everybody was very happy.