Lost White Gold Engagement Ring At Indian River Inlet Delaware Found

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 07/17/22, I was contacted by Victoria who was requesting my help in finding her White Gold Engagement ring that was lost on the beach at Indian River Inlet Delaware on 07/16/22. Victoria said that she took her ring off and placed it on her towel while she was putting sunscreen on her child. Victoria said that her ring fell off of the towel into the sand and that she was not able to find it. Victoria said that she was no longer at the beach and that she was at home in Newark, Delaware. I told Victoria that I would go to the beach later in the day and make an attempt to find her ring. Victoria was able to describe the area of the beach where she had lost the ring and she also provided me with a photo that I was able to use to put myself in the area of the lost ring. Upon arriving at the beach, I began a grid search for the ring with no luck in finding it. I then did another grid search crossing over my first search again with no luck in finding the ring. Two hours into the search I expanded the area of the search and the lost ring was found north of where it had been lost. It is my belief that the ring was moved by the tractor that is used to clean the beach sand. I sent Victoria a photo of her recovered ring and then returned it to her by mail the very next day.

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