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Lost and Found Tungsten Ring, Stafford, Virginia

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

June 8th: Found and returned a Tungsten-Carbide ring lost in the snow five months ago.

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On January 3rd, Stafford, Virginia experienced a big snowstorm. Jeremy’s backyard had so much snow, it broke a large cherry tree. Despite the obstructions from the tree, Jeremy and his three sons broke out the sleds and put the snow to good use! While sledding down the hill, Jeremy raised his arms to shield his face from tree branches. That’s when his wedding ring came off. He searched for several hours, to no avail. Months later, Jeremy heard about “The Ring Finders” and contacted me.

Anyone living in this area can describe how going south on I95 on an afternoon is a sure bet for slow traffic. I correctly gambled that the express lanes toll fee of $15 would save me time. That and the $15 for my gas is why many Ring Finders have a call out fee.

Arrow Pointing to the Ring

A couple of years ago, my friend Brian Rudolph shared the Equinox Visual Display Indicator (VDI) range for Tungsten-Carbide rings.  Using his numbers and my own experience, I set a reasonable range for targets with the accept/reject option before beginning my search.

Jeremy showed me the area where he felt the ring fall off. With Jeremy, his wife, and three sons watching, I assembled my equipment and began a methodical sweep of the area. I picked up a couple of trash targets (common in all lawns), making sure they would not interfere with the ring’s signal. About thirty minutes later, I received a strong steady signal. I looked down and saw Jeremy’s ring partially covered by debris. Despite being a heavy ring, it was not more deeply buried after four months! It was such a pleasure to find and return Jeremy’s ring.


Jeremy’s Ring


For my detecting friends, the Tungsten-Carbide ring had a 20-21 VDI on my Equinox with a stock coil.

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