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Lost ring at High School, Altamonte Springs, Fl……Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Christopher called and asked if I could help him find a very special ring that was lost at his high school football field. He explained in detail that a friend had asked him to hold this ring (a wide black tungsten carbide ring with the “Lord’s Prayer” written in very small print, around the outside of the ring) and not to loose it as it was a gift given as a promise ring from the friend’s parents. While Christopher was holding the ring, another friend asked to look at the ring and check it out. At first Christopher hesitated but finally gave in and let the boy look at the ring. Later Christopher asked for the ring back and it was thrown to him from a distance, instead of simply having it handed to him. As he went to catch the ring it glanced off of his hand and went rolling across the track and into a grassy area under a chain link fence. Christopher desperately tried to find the ring but as the class ended he had to go. Later he came back and looked some more and that led him to the internet. He found my number on website and told me what happened.
I attained the proper permission and met Christopher later that afternoon on the football field. He showed me where he was standing and approximately where the ring went rolling. I tried using my metal detector along the fence but the wire caused allot of interference, so I opted to use my Garrett AT Pro pointer. On hands and knees I made my way along the bottom of the fence and sure enough, 10 minutes into the search I got a good signal and as I parted the grass, there was Christopher’s friends ring!
Lost a ring? Call ASAP!
Mike McInroe…proud member of

Engagement Ring Lost In Couch. N/E Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Received a call from Christine she had lost her 14k white gold engagement ring on/in  her couch on Saturday evening Christine and her fiancé  spent all day Sunday tearing the couch apart with no luck at all so last evening she called me to ask me for my assistance.

I made appointment to meet Christine this morning at her home when I arrived she looked so frustrated with the whole ordeal about losing her ring, Christine told me it so imperative that I can find her ring because her wedding day is in April. I told her I will do my very best! Christine told me she has a habit of rolling her ring on her finger and that’s when she notice the ring was gone.

Christine showed me the couch and where she thought the ring could be she even thought her little Shih Tzus dog had swallowed the ring? I check her dog with my scanner! She came out clean which made Christine very happy.

I checked the couch cushion check all the crevices between the frame and fabric with my camera in one corner of the couch I spotted her ring tucked in between the fabric and foot of the frame!

 I called Christine over and asked her is that your ring, the joy on her face when she saw the ring was enough for me! another happy client Christine was so grateful to have her Ring back on her finger Thank you Christine for entrusting me to find your ring.



Lost Family Heirloom Diamond Cross .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Wednesday 11-25-15
I was looking through Craigslist in the morning when I saw this post from Lauren:

Lost Necklace- Family Heirloom (Newport Beach)
lost or found?: lost

I was playing football on the sand, by balboa fire pits, wearing my priceless necklace last week and the cross broke and came off the chain. I know I should not have been playing football in it, but I have worn it everyday since my grandma(who passed away) gave it to me years ago. I literally never take it off. It is so special to me, I am willing to give a reward! Please please let me know if you found it, and I am willing to meet anywhere. It means the world to me and I am devastated. Please be honest and give it back. I am willing to pay a reward. Thank you so much!!! I have been praying everyday and my whole small group has been praying too so please answer our prayers!

I replied to the post, saying that I would like to help find the cross, but would need to get better details. After a couple hours, I had not received a reply.. I live just a couple miles away from this beach and have an annual pass for parking, so I decided to go try to find the cross.
When I arrived at the general location there was a large skip loader tractor moving sand from the area where most people play football. It was still worth a try so I started searching the far edge of the field. After an hour the tractor finished moving sand. That opened up more area to search, but I didn’t have much hope.. Then I got a good signal which turned out to be a gold cross.
This had to be Lauren’s cross, what are the chances of there being more than one cross in that location. I sent a reply to the Craigslist email contact link, saying I believe that I have found your cross including my phone number and email information.
I did not get a reply all Thanksgiving day which started me to think that I wasn’t going to be able to return this cherished family heirloom. That night I posted a ” Found Gold Cross Balboa fire pits ” on Craigslist. Friday morning Brian, one of Lauren’s friends contacted me. After talking with him and sending a photo of the cross we determined it was not Lauren’s cross.
During our phone conversation I was able to get better directions as to where they had been playing. It was a hundred yards to the north of where the tractor was moving sand.. I was more positive about finding this gold cross this time. After returning to search it only took about 45 minutes till I got a 12-02 reading (normally a tinfoil signal) on my CTX 3030. Wow! What a surprise, it was a beautiful white gold cross with 11 nice diamonds. Sent them a picture of the cross via text message.
They live 60 miles across town, so we arranged a meeting place two days later.
It was a special type search with several twists and turns. ( 3 crosses were found in total) This is so awesome to be able to help people find their sentimental keepsakes.

Cross found Friday 11-27-15               Equipment used Minelab CTC3030metal detector