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Lost Family Heirloom Diamond Cross .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Wednesday 11-25-15
I was looking through Craigslist in the morning when I saw this post from Lauren:

Lost Necklace- Family Heirloom (Newport Beach)
lost or found?: lost

I was playing football on the sand, by balboa fire pits, wearing my priceless necklace last week and the cross broke and came off the chain. I know I should not have been playing football in it, but I have worn it everyday since my grandma(who passed away) gave it to me years ago. I literally never take it off. It is so special to me, I am willing to give a reward! Please please let me know if you found it, and I am willing to meet anywhere. It means the world to me and I am devastated. Please be honest and give it back. I am willing to pay a reward. Thank you so much!!! I have been praying everyday and my whole small group has been praying too so please answer our prayers!

I replied to the post, saying that I would like to help find the cross, but would need to get better details. After a couple hours, I had not received a reply.. I live just a couple miles away from this beach and have an annual pass for parking, so I decided to go try to find the cross.
When I arrived at the general location there was a large skip loader tractor moving sand from the area where most people play football. It was still worth a try so I started searching the far edge of the field. After an hour the tractor finished moving sand. That opened up more area to search, but I didn’t have much hope.. Then I got a good signal which turned out to be a gold cross.
This had to be Lauren’s cross, what are the chances of there being more than one cross in that location. I sent a reply to the Craigslist email contact link, saying I believe that I have found your cross including my phone number and email information.
I did not get a reply all Thanksgiving day which started me to think that I wasn’t going to be able to return this cherished family heirloom. That night I posted a ” Found Gold Cross Balboa fire pits ” on Craigslist. Friday morning Brian, one of Lauren’s friends contacted me. After talking with him and sending a photo of the cross we determined it was not Lauren’s cross.
During our phone conversation I was able to get better directions as to where they had been playing. It was a hundred yards to the north of where the tractor was moving sand.. I was more positive about finding this gold cross this time. After returning to search it only took about 45 minutes till I got a 12-02 reading (normally a tinfoil signal) on my CTX 3030. Wow! What a surprise, it was a beautiful white gold cross with 11 nice diamonds. Sent them a picture of the cross via text message.
They live 60 miles across town, so we arranged a meeting place two days later.
It was a special type search with several twists and turns. ( 3 crosses were found in total) This is so awesome to be able to help people find their sentimental keepsakes.

Cross found Friday 11-27-15               Equipment used Minelab CTC3030metal detector