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Surfer Lost His Wedding Ring .. Santa Monica, CA. .. Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Casey came in from surfing to take his ring off, because he felt his fingers shrinking in the cold water. As he knelt down next to his surfboard in the sand, he pulled his ring off his finger. The ring just popped off suddenly flying in the sand. It was a plain white gold band that represented 10 years of marriage.

After asking Casey a couple questions about what had happened, I consoled him that if he could wait in the area we could easily find his ring. We met about 45 minutes later.
He showed me his actions as best he could remember. I started a grid that I thought would be a quick find. 20’x 20′ area. No ring! We moved the surfboard starting to grid search the other side. Boom! The sweet sound of gold. Casey’s ring in the scoop. Amazing how far the ring flew as he pulled the ring from his finger. Casey is from Chicago, now living and working in sunny So.Cal. A nice guy and a pleasure to help him find his special ring.


White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring Lost .. Crystal Cove State Beach, Newport Beach, CA. .. Recovered with Metal Detector

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Patrick sent me a text message, asking if I was available to help him find his wife’s white gold diamond wedding ring. Silvia had taken her ring off to apply sunscreen three days before while at Crystal Cove State Beach, Newport Beach, CA.
She was not sure if she had put her rings back on after finishing the sunscreen application. In fact she was sure that her ring had to be in their car or at the house. No need to worry her husband Patrick, she believed it would show up. It was now three days after the loss, so Patrick thought it might be worth at try to call me to ask if I was available to try checking the beach where they had been that past Sunday.
I jumped at the chance to give it a try. That particular beach doesn’t have beach grooming machines and it is a little difficult to get to, so it isn’t hit by very many detectorists. I may have to wait for people to leave the beach which is not a big deal.
My first chance to search, I got a really nice yellow gold ring with a big diamond. I called Patrick to verify that I was looking for a white gold wedding band. Checking the first ring for markings, I could make out “made in China” engraved inside ( bummer).
Patrick had sent me very good photos and approximate footage they were from a cement footing. Bingo, the petite wedding band was exactly where he had described. I met Silvia the next day at a halfway point between my place and where they live. Patrick didn’t have to leave work which is another thing I try to do to help families in this crazy economy. It was a pleasure inter reacting with Patrick to find this ring. I bet we had 20 texts messages. I love the technology that makes this all possible.image


Lost Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Lucia had been on the beach for the day with her husband and son. The guys were swimming when the high tide waves began to get close to their beach towels and chairs. Lucia had to quickly relocate everything by herself. After moving she looked into her purse and could see that the small plastic invisaligner case was open and empty. That was where she had put her platinum and diamond wedding ring. The invisaligner was laying on the wet sand but the ring was gone.
Her husband Frank got on his smart phone to search for metal detectors I the Newport / Balboa beach area. He found my contact information online in website. It was less than a half hour that I was on the beach meeting them. A few minutes after Lucia pointed out where she had been, I was able to find her beautiful platinum and diamond ring. It was an easy find but if they waited one more day, it would have been in the Beach King sand cleaning machine.. I’m retired living very close to most Southern California beaches. I can usually get to any of them within an hour.
It was a pleasure meeting and helping Lucia and Frank. Also a bonus for them that their wedding ring was only hiding in the sand for less that two hours.imageimage



Lost Diamond Tennis Bracelet .. Dana Point, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

The day after Mother’s Day I was at a local beach going some recreational metal detecting when I received a call from Teri. Her daughter told her that she had lost the wedding tennis bracelet yesterday while at the family Mother’s Day picnic at Dana Point, CA. Her daughter had not wanted to ruin her Mother’s Day so, after searching all night she called her mother, Teri.
Teri was able to check her car, then went to the park to search the grass. She called me after finding my contact information on line. We discussed how I could search the lawn area to eliminate the possibility of the bracelet being there. Timing is important as the lawn mower or a person may find it before they can.
I met Teri and began a grid search of the grass area which was approximately 100 x 100ft. I told her that if it didn’t show up they could concentrate searching the other places her daughter had been before noticing the bracelet was missing. Towards the end of my search I could see how nervous she was getting. Then I saw her walk off towards the car. Five minutes later, I heard her yelling, I found it. It was in her car that she had search more than three times. Fourth time is a charm. A very happy mother and daughter.
It was a beautiful piece of jewelry with a diamond on each link. It was a gift from Teri to her daughter on her wedding day. Finding sentimental items with a detector is nice, but giving people the confidence to keep looking is part of the process also. I’ve got many stories of people finding their jewelry in odd places after I eliminated the hiding places like sand, grass or water.imageimage