Surfer Lost His Wedding Ring .. Santa Monica, CA. .. Found in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Casey came in from surfing to take his ring off, because he felt his fingers shrinking in the cold water. As he knelt down next to his surfboard in the sand, he pulled his ring off his finger. The ring just popped off suddenly flying in the sand. It was a plain white gold band that represented 10 years of marriage.

After asking Casey a couple questions about what had happened, I consoled him that if he could wait in the area we could easily find his ring. We met about 45 minutes later.
He showed me his actions as best he could remember. I started a grid that I thought would be a quick find. 20’x 20′ area. No ring! We moved the surfboard starting to grid search the other side. Boom! The sweet sound of gold. Casey’s ring in the scoop. Amazing how far the ring flew as he pulled the ring from his finger. Casey is from Chicago, now living and working in sunny So.Cal. A nice guy and a pleasure to help him find his special ring.


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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Amazing how fast that sand can swallow up a ring, hey? Good stuff there Stan!

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