Heirloom Gold Ring Lost Two Weeks .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Recovered and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Small Gold Heirloom Ring more than 60 Years old lost in sand two weeks ago.. Brittany called late in the afternoon. She told me that she was telling a friend about losing a ring in the sand. Her friend told her about TheRingFinders.com, so Brittany googled the website contacting me. She apologized that she she hadn’t called me earlier because she didn’t know a service like this existed. She said that she thought it was a long shot but worth a call.
It was a family heirloom that had belonged to fiancé Nick’s grandmother. For the past few weeks it has haunted her that they knew it fell into the sand that day. After hours of searching that day they had to leave thinking I was impossible to find such a small ring in so much dry sand.
We talked for a few minutes on the phone. She said it definitely fell out of their backpack near the towel line of the beach. Normally this area of the beach doesn’t get detected much. It was worth a try to give it an hour search. I didn’t need her to meet me there because, I knew the exact location.
After 30 minutes of running 40ft. grid lines on my 8th pass. I got a nice 12-06 ID reading on my CTX Minelab metal detector. The nice low solid tone indicated the gold ring would be in my scoop and it turned out to be right on point.. Brittany’s ring was there ready to be returned before the night was finished. We met at at a local Starbucks in less than two hours after she called me.. Two weeks of worrying were over and now the ring is where it belongs.
If you have a plugged up sink you call a plumber, If you lose a ring you call a member of TheRingFinders metal detector service.

Brittany’s Story:
I just wanted to pass this along and let people know that a service like this exists. The people of The Ring Finders will go search for your lost article of jewelry with a metal detector and get it back to you if it’s there where you describe. My fiancé and I had lost a gold ring at the beach and thought it was a gonner. We were both so upset because it has such sentimental value being his grandmothers ring.

We waited two weeks to call because we didn’t know about it (the website) and when we did we didn’t believe it would be possible to find it even with a metal detector.

We couldn’t believe that when we finally did call, Stanley found it within an hour!

He went out just as it was about to get dark and lightly rain and found it for us! We asked how much his services are and he said that he does it for a gratuity and only want to help people out because at The Ring Finders they understand that rings have so much more value then what the gold is worth.

We are so grateful for Stanley and for The Ring Finders!


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    Way to go there Stan!! Way to keep finding those smiles and making people happy!

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