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Engagement Proposal Gone Wrong .. Ring Lost in Surf .. Huntington Dogbeach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

imageimage                   Matt and Tiffany were walking the beach at low tide watching the sunset. Matt had intentions of proposing to Tiffany by presenting her with a engagement ring. It is a very flat beach and they were well away from the waterline. Matt came up with an idea to put the ring under a shell, so when Tiffany picked it up, she would find the ring. Even though they were away from the waterline, a small surging wave came up washing over the shell and the ring. The ring immediately disappeared. As soon as the sand gets saturated it is actually like quick sand, the ring sinks out of sight. Most times it doesn’t go very deep at least for the first few days. They spent a couple hours searching frantically as the tide was coming in and darkness overtook them. After returning home, Matt went online to research buying or renting a metal detector. That is where he found locating my contact information. We met for a few minutes the next day at the next low tide. After hearing a detailed story and checking the past tides, I set up my grid pattern.. Matt was very positive about the location of the loss. My concern was the size of the setting may help the waves move the ring great distances. After 4 hours with no success I had to abandon the search till the next low tide.. The next afternoon I started 3 hours before low tide working an area south of the yesterday’s search. Then reworking the original location finding very few targets. Exhausted with the tide coming in, I was making plans for the next day’s search. My plan was to return with my Excalibur detector and search waist deep at the next low tide. It was dark, so just before leaving I went 100 yards. north swinging randomly. That’s when I got the sweet sound of gold.. Five or six inches down I scooped the beautiful white gold diamond ring.. I sent a photo of the ring in my hand to Matt in a text.. He said he almost dropped his phone when he saw the picture. We met the next morning at Starbucks. Tiffany and Matt came together . I had put the ring in a jewelers ring box with a sea shell. I gave it to Matt and he gave it to Tiffany.. This was the first time she had seen the ring other than a photo.. What a beautiful day, I will never forget.. Thanks to Matt and Tiffany for sharing the special moment with them.. I love my service.. Ring Lost Thurs. 10-27-15  — Ring Found Sat. 10-30-15   —  Using Minelab CTX3030 metal detector imageimage

Lost Ring in Sand .. Huntington State Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Friday Brittany and her friend spent her birthday at the beach. Her friend picked up a beach blanket not knowing she had laid her ring on the blanket. Ring in the sand, the search was on. It was a nice size silver ring that should be easy to find. Beach sand shows no mercy for people that lose their rings in the sand. After spending several hours sifting through the sand in a small area. They gave up returning home.
Brittany thought that another friend who owned a metal detector could help her, but she couldn’t contact him. Next she went to Google that was how she found . Finding my information, she called me. She told me this was a ring that she had for more than 13 years. Loosing her ring on her birthday did not make it a happy day. I could hear desperation in her voice. When she told me that it was next to lifeguard tower #7 at Huntington Beach, I went into panic mode. Then told her I would get there as soon as possible. She could not meet me until an hour later, but I could start. This beach is heavily hunted by other detectorists and the beach cleaning machines are the ruthless.
It’s the first day of Labor Day weekend and I was able to cover the area thoroughly before Brittany arrived..” No Ring “.. My phone rang, it was Brittany saying she was walking over to meet me. I looked for somebody with a maroon shirt walking my way. No lady in a maroon shirt in sight.. Here’s the lesson, I live here,  I know there are two lifeguard towers # 7.. One is on Huntington State Beach. The other is at Huntington City Beach. They are both south of Huntington Pier more than a mile apart. When she said Huntington Beach, so I assumed City beach.
This should have been a short story because when I drove to the correct tower #7. She was protecting the area. So it was a matter of a few minutes we had the ring. Unbelievable she told me. Another awesome smile with genuine gratitude for having here ring returned. Sometimes we say this is a game of inches. Today it was a game of more than a mile.. Just last week a State Lifeguard told me they often have this confusion with the tower numbers. For me, it was a lesson learned.

Saturday … September 5, 2015