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Family Heirloom, lost ring Navarre – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

This weekend was the Blue Angels show so I assumed that Sunday morning I would have a lost ring call from Pensacola Beach.  In reality, the call came from Stefanie, just down the road in Navarre.  When I spoke to Stefanie, I immediately knew that I had to go look for this ring and when I hung up I looked over at my wife Jeannie and she said “I want to go with you”.  It’s always a good sign when my lucky charm wants to go so I started getting excited as I packed up my gear.  When we got to Navarre, we quickly parked and headed to the beach.  As we walked along on the sand, I saw a woman waving at me about 100yds away.  When we got to her she explained that her name was Nicole and she was the actual owner of the ring.  She had Stefanie call because she was too upset to talk when she lost it.  As we walked over to the rest of her family she explained that her mother received this ring 65 years ago and had left it to Nicole when she passed away 14 years earlier.  Nicole was actually raised by her Grandparents and refers to them as her mother and father. It made it even more important because her Father, who was a Police Officer passed away in the line of duty seven years ago.  This ring was a symbol of the two of them and Nicole had every intention to pass it down to her oldest daughter, Josie who was also looking on expectantly as I prepared to hit the water.  Nicole had been knocked down by a wave a few hours before and when she came up from all fours in the shallow water, her precious family heirloom was no longer on her hand.  She had a good general idea where she was but with the tide coming in quickly and the waves getting bigger every minute, she was rightly concerned.  I told her that I would grid out the entire area and that if it was there, I would find it.  It only took about fifteen minutes before I heard a very deep signal up on the shelf before the sand drops down.  I happened to be right in front of Jeannie and she quickly started videoing for prosperity.  I made one deep scoop and looked down to see the beautiful diamond ring with so much history at the bottom of the scoop.  Nicole was a short way down the beach but I motioned to her that I had it.  She came over and in disbelief pulled out the ring and gave me a huge hug.  As Josie and Stefanie came over, I got to see the smiles and happy tears and once again be reminded why I do this.  Congratulations to you all, I am glad I got to be a part of the story for such an important part of your family’s history. God Bless!

Lost Gold Bracelet, Pensacola Beach- FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

I was out on the beach yesterday evening when a young man about my son’s age walked up and asked if I could help him. I asked what he needed and looked over and saw his family staring hopefully a few yards away. I said that I’d be glad to help and he explained that he had dropped his 14k gold bracelet as they were packing up to leave and it disappeared into the sand. I could still see the hole where their umbrella had been planted so I began to search around it. I got a little worried because I immediately started finding old bottle caps from a previous group and I thought it might take awhile. I made another pass from a different angle as I could start to see the worry on their faces but sure enough I got a clean gold tone and number. I took extra care with the scoop to make sure I didn’t scratch it and out popped Manuel’s bracelet. 😃  They were thrilled as you can see from the smile on his face. Congrats Manuel!!!

Lost Ring Downtown Pensacola – Found Months Later!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

This was a cool story. Sally and her husband came over from MS back around Thanksgiving and spent some time enjoying Pensacola in an AirBnB. While here, she lost her engagement ring and it has bothered her ever since. She had contacted the establishments she went to and no one had turned in a missing ring. The only place she didn’t have closure with was sitting outside the Airstream trailer that was their BnB. She ended up posting on Pensacola Lost and Found and a nice lady named Melissa politely insisted she contact me if she wanted to find it. Thanks Melissa because that’s where I came in. Sally and I spoke and I asked a ton of questions. I really thought it was going to be tough because of the time passed and the fact that the BnB had seen 40 guests since then. I still thought it would be good to try so I contacted the owner (Sally was still in MS) and made plans to come by. When I got to the Airstream I started to worry. A lot of people don’t realize but a metal detector reads up and down and a little sideways. So when I started checking the area, the sheer volume of metal with the trailer, the metal fence, the metal side building, the metal fire pit, a sundial, multiple bicycles and so on and so on made my machine go crazy. I started problem solving and grabbed some of my other equipment and used some tricks I know to let me look around. I ended up getting a gold signal on the complete other side of the yard where Sally thought it might be. Lo and behold I did a little digging and out popped Sally’s ring a couple of months after it had been dropped in another state. I mailed it back to Sally and as you can see we have started off 2022 with a happy return. Thanks for trusting me to find such a precious ring. 💍👍