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Texas Aggie Ring Lost Found Returned!

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)


Wednesday evening I received a call from Karen who said she found me by looking for Fredericksburg, TX. Metal Detector on Google. Karen told me that after removing brush and leaves from their yard to a burn pile her husband, Royce, noticed his Texas Aggie Ring was missing.  She asked if I could possibly help locate it. Being a Texan I asked her how big the yard was and if she had a good idea where it could have been lost. She answered “the yard is large but the area it might be in was only about a half an acre or so”. I said to her “If it’s in the yard then I will find it!” Knowing how important an Aggie ring is to a graduate of Texas A&M I made an appointment to meet with them today.

I decided to take my 9 year old grandson, Jake, with me on this recovery. After picking him up from school we headed over to their place east of Fredericksburg. Upon arrival at the house and after introductions were made we walked the different areas of the property that they had worked in. Well, the area was much larger than ½ acre and was spread out to about 100 yards from the house. I asked the investigative questions determining what, how, when, where. I came to the conclusion that the Aggie Ring could be anywhere in about a two acre area. Unfortunately Royce could not recall exactly where he happened to take off his gloves that day. With that in mind, Jake (he has his own detector and knows how to use it) and I “suited” up. I instructed him to start around the burn pile and I started  the yard area around the house. Knowing the lost gold ring was going to be big and on the surface I concentrated high tones. After about 25 minutes of swinging my Garrett AT Pro I received the unmistakable “BIG gold tone” in my headphones. Luck was with us! Reaching down and parting the grass was Royce’s huge Aggie ring. I waved to Jake to come over to where I was,  Royce must have sensed our excitement as he headed over to where we were. He gave out a big Aggie WHOOP and danced around for a while! Royce got Karen and we all did some dancing and hugging (Jake too)!

It sure was great to meet Royce and Karen and it was an honor to recover Royce’s lost ring for him. It was just as exciting to have Jake involved in the return. He and I had high fives and smiles all the way home. He sure has a story to tell his classmates in school tomorrow. Thanks goes to Royce and Karen for contacting and for the handsome reward. Jake will get his share and the rest will go towards more metal detecting equipment for both of us.

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