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Gold Wedding Band Lost, Recovered and Returned in Radnor, PA!!!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

James got in touch with me via the Ring Finders directory after losing his white gold wedding band while at a football practice at Radnor High School in Radnor, PA. I met James the next day at the field and he told me he is the coach of his young son’s football team…he was in the middle of the practice and tossing the football back and forth when he felt his ring come off. He didn’t see it fly through the air but felt it come off for sure. He borrowed a friend’s metal detector to try to find it himself but no luck, He decided he needed the help of a pro…hence the call to me! James was pretty sure of the area of the field where it came off….probably a 30 square yard grassy area. In my experience with these kinds of recoveries where it comes off when throwing something….its quite unpredictable where the ring could’ve flown to. I proceeded to cover the area in a grid like fashion….almost like mowing a lawn…and thoroughly covering every square inch of the search area. A gold ring on the surface has a unique signal on my detector so while I was getting a lot of signals none suggested his ring. About 20 minutes into my search…BOOM… I finally got the signal I was looking for. The grass was quite deep so I had to push the deep grass aside…but after doing so there it was!!!! Don’t think James believed me when I first said I found it….he was so happy and relieved when I handed it to him! I was very happy to be able to get his ring back to him!!!

Gold Wedding Band Recovered and Returned in West Chester, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Boyd reached out to me after losing his beautiful, large gold wedding band while landscaping his backyard in West Chester, PA. He had been looking for it for a week with no luck and was about to give up when a friend of his referred him to to me and the Ringfinder directory. I had helped his friend find a lost phone with my metal detector the year before. Anyway, I agreed to meet Boyd at his house and he walked me through the facts surrounding the lost ring. He was 100% sure he had it on while he was raking leaves and cleaning up brush around his backyard. After losing it he spent hours looking with his eyes and raking around in case it was hiding underneath remaining leaves. As I always do I started by demonstrating my machine to Boyd…I throw my wedding band on the ground and let him hear how clearly my detector picks it up. Basically I want him to feel confident that if I swing the detector over it…I’m not going to miss it!!! and miss it I did not! About 10 minutes into the search I heard that satisfying surface gold signal with my metal detector! It was underneath some leaves and brush in an area where Boyd said he had searched several times. Boyd was very happy to have his ring back in his possession! I told him being a ringfinder is always a lot more fun when you’re able to return the missing item!