West Dennis, MA Lost Ring - Like Father, Like Daughter - Found & Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

July 7, 2024

Some losses are remarkable in one way or another. I thought a text from Pam that this call might be as much of a challenge as finding her husband’s ring almost 4 years ago. It took Leighton and myself several hours of detecting before it was recovered from the depths of sand that had covered it.

Well no such luck today. Kate the daughter of Pam and Keith had lost her Cape Cod Fish ring. The ring was the highlight of the return. Kate had been out where she could not touch the bottom. She was carefully making her way toward the shore, aware of the rings that were on her fingers and felt the Fish swim away with a smile on its face and a wink in its eye.

It was almost dark when I arrived at the beach and it was low tide, perfect. I went straight out keeping the telephone poles and a cottage in line of the search pattern. On the fifth pass knew I had found the ring that had given up swimming for a nap in the sand. Nothing exciting, no drama, no sharks, no football to blame for taking the ring off Kate’s finger. Just a quick loss of a ring, a call to TheRingFinders, a five minute search and before the sun set photos had been taken along with almost nothing except that Kate is keeping the family’s tradition of loosing a ring at the same beach every 4 years. Yes, sometimes the easy is a nice change compared to a search that drags on for days. At least this evening had plenty of smiles and laughs at days end.

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