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Lost Wedding Band, Pensacola Beach – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Brayden called me on Friday explaining that he was out in the Gulf throwing football at Pensacola Beach when his wedding band came flying off of his hand. I talked him through what happened and asked him my standard questions about the time of day so I could check the tides, etc. We decided that I would come out the next morning at 7am. I got there and Brayden’s family joined him and explained that the young couple had only been married for 6 months. I said we definitely needed to find it so they could start off with a great story. We made our way to the beach and I got my bearings as I headed out to just over waist deep water. I slowed down and made my first turn as I pushed a big jellyfish out of the way with my scoop handle. I barely went another foot or two and got a great tone. Rarely am I confident on the first tone and first scoop of the search but sure enough, I looked into the scoop and saw Brayden’s gold wedding band shining back in less than 3 minutes. They were thrilled when I walked back up. I think Brayden’s dad said it best when he exclaimed, “we didn’t think it was even possible to find the ring in all that water, much less so quickly.” 😃 Brayden, it was nice meeting you. You have a great family. Good luck and God bless you all.