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Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Ala Moana Beach Park…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Charles whose a Wedding Photographer on Oahu. While treading water in about 6 feet of depth Charles’ Platinum Wedding Band slipped off and disappeared in the low visibility and sandy bottom. A few people dove down but were unable to find his ring. Charles used my services last year for the same ring so he gave me a call. I had just returned from church and I told Charles I’d load up my gear and head down to the beach. Since the ring was lost near the drop off to about 12 feet depth this was going to be a scuba hunt. As usual the parking was non existent but when I arrived a car left and Charles guarded the spot for me. Perfect timing again! “Thank you Jesus” Charles & I walked down to the beach and he showed me the area he was treading water. I donned my scuba gear and headed to the area. I decided to start at the top of the slope and work parallel to the shore then work deeper on each pass. On the top of the slope it was relatively good visibility but as I worked down the slope the visibility actually zeroed out in some areas. At about eight feet down the viz was nil so I decided I better go perpendicular to the shore and work up and down the slope so I would have some viz. I was able to get to the bottom of the slope and stay on grid by the line I was drawing in the sand although the viz was like 1-2 feet at best. On about the fourth leg at the bottom of the slope I got that nice low tone growl of Platinum. Now to find the ring in zero viz. I scooped under the Excal coil and on the third grab the target was in my hand. I slowly moved up the slope until I could see my fist. I opened my hand and there was Charles Platinum Wedding Band. I put it on my pinky finger and surfaced. Charles was on the beach and I gave him the thumbs up that I found it. Elapsed time about 20 minutes. I handed the ring to Charles and we agreed we didn’t want to ever see each other again. We burst out laughing! I did tell him their was a young lady that has used our services three times. Aloha to Charles!